• Breath- 14 Pillars of Health Webinar | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 12

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    Breath- 14 Pillars of Health Webinar | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 12

    Episode 12 is a replay of the Webinar I recently did. The Breath-14 Pilllars of Health webinar is part of Improvement Warrior Unviersity. The main Breath webinar is free and the Breathing practices video are paid, either ala-carte (here) or as a Member of Improvement Warrior University (here).

    Please watch/listen or re-watch the original 13 Pillars of Health webinar here

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 12 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 12 we will discuss:
      • Highlights from the Webinar:
        • Why Breathing is so high on the 14 Pillars List
        • Why Magnetism is the Father of the 3-legged Stool of Nature
        • Who are the worst breathers and why
        • How mouth breathing destroys our mitochondria and our facial structure
        • Why collagen is so important for breathing and overall health
        • Why we are not supposed to be thirsty/hungry or pee while we sleep and how to stop it if you are
        • Easiest way to tell that disease is coming for you
        • Nose anatomy & how it affects our nervous system
        • Why snoring ANY amount is BAD and how to fix it
        • How to stand/sit for optimal breathing
        • Why melatonin and leptin is the most important hormones for health
        • Nasal breathing Exercising vs. Mouth breathing exercising.
        • Best test for exercise performance
        • Why you need to tape your mouth while you sleep
        • Why DHA is the most important substance for our mitochondria, oxygen, and our electric potential within the brain.
        • REAL #1 cause of cavities
        • How Nitric Oxide helps our breathing and health
        • #1 indicator for life expectancy (not what you think)
        • Is CO2 more important than oxygen?
        • Why training CO2 is important for normal people to elite athletes
        • How we actually “burn” fat
        • How your body structures water and why fluoride is so devestating to this process
        • the actual path oxygen takes in your body
        • Why supplemental oxygen is bad
        • The “MOST” important hormone??
        • Why you never should take fish oil
        • The Optimal Breathing pattern
        • The Wim Hof Method- the benefits, but also why you should not do it everyday
          • A Wim Hof guided session included (video below)
        • What is ujiyya breathing (video on webinar page)
        • Cancer and breathing
        • The thing we have that proves to eye and skin docs the sun is NOT bad for us
        • The best ‘doctor' you are not listening to
        • Why Yoga today is dead wrong
        • How to yawn and cough from this day forward
        • Bad attitude is a disease
        • Why there is never a biggest loser reunion.
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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #12: Breath- 14 Pillars of Health Webinar


      1. 13 Pillars of Health Webinar
      2. Yun recomends page
      3. 34-Day Light Challenge
      4. 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge
      5. Mindtamer
      6. LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts
      7. Improvement Warrior Fitness (Adults) & Improvement Warrior Athlete (youth) strength and fitness training in New Albany, Ohio
      8. Blueblockers and Light Partners:
        1. Midwestern Light therapy (use code improvementwarrior10 for 10% off)
        2. Koze Health (use code IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR for 10% off)
        3. Ra-Optics
        4. Swannies
        5. Uvex
      9. Books:
        1. Breath by  James Nestor
        2. High Performance Habits Brendan Buchard: https://amzn.to/3wIgLmM
        3. The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF
      10. Sleep Podcast- Improvement Warrior Podcast 312
      11. Improvement Warrior University: https://if100.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=176
        1. Breath-14 Pillars of Health Webinar (will also be released as Episode 12 podcast)
        2. The Leptin Webinars
        3. The Blue Light Webinars
        4. EMF Webinar
        5. The Epi-Paleo Diet Webinars
      12. 3M Tape- Tape your mouth shut 
      13. Bas Rutten O2 Lung Expander 
      14. Clearly Filtered Water Filters 
      15. Dr. Jack Kruse Cold Thermogenesis Series (Jack's blog on why Wim Hof Breathing everyday is not good is for paid members only. I will do a future podcast for it, but you can check out the blog and join on patreon for all his blogs for just $5.) Here is the blog post CPC #16: Quantum Breathing . 
      16. Ujiyya and box breathing- both of these videos are on the Webinar Page here. 
      17. Intermittent Fasting and Fasting Webinar 



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