• Schedule- Improvement Warrior Athlete

    Jason Yun strength coach new albany


    Improvement Warrior Athlete (Home Gym-No Walk-Ins)
    4435 Wooded Nook Dr. 
    New Albany, OH 43054

    *Please note we travel to schools, teams, organizations to put on workshops, camps, clinics. If you are interested in setting up or discussing further please contact us here.

    Regular Class Schedule (all classes are 45 -50 minutes)

    Combined Classes (Ages 8-19+)*

    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 am

    Mondays & Wednesdays- 400 pm, 500 pm, 600 pm, 700 pm

    Saturdays- 900 am

    Saturday Strength- 1000 am- 12 pm (not for beginners, athlete must earn invite to this class. Click here for more info)  

    • *Our classes start at 8 years old, however we can accept as young as 7 years and in rare cases 6. This will depend on maturity level and current athleticism. Please contact us before registering if this is the case.

    Athlete Testing:

    After 7 week’s of your child's training, we will be testing our Champions in with FitRanX.

    It is recommended for each IWA Champion to do their next level test even if they don’t feel they can pass the next level– because that is ‘practice’ and to be great you must ‘practice’!

    To find out what FitRanX is please click the banner below:

    Testing athletes speed and strength

    jason yun new albany strength coach eagles

    Please note the Wodify Calendar below is for all of our services: Improvement Warrior Athlete, any special events and our adult fitness program- Improvement Warrior Fitness.



    Trial for athletic revolution hilliard

    Special Events

    Special events will include summer camps, clinics, academies, seminars, family events. Some will be sport specific, some fitness specific. Some of these events will be at a different location other then our Improvement Warrior Athlete Facility in New Albany, Ohio. They will be in the Columbus area or suburbs. For up to date news about it please sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page. 

    To request IWA to put on a special workshop for your team, school, group, or organization please visit the contact page and fill out the form there.

    Two of our previous Workshops (Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is now Improvement Warrior Athlete-New Albany)