• Sunglasses: You can’t be healthy #1

    Sunglasses: You can't be healthy #1

    Today I start a new series called ‘You can't be healthy.' Today is tip #1. And we will delve into Sunglasses.

    Michael Jackson Sunglasses new albany ohio fitnessThere are multiple reasons why sunglasses are unhealthy. We are going to tackle 1 at a time. And we will get to Michael Jackson soon because he, like a lot of Rockstars, have very special and detrimental circumstances that are teachable for the ‘average joe'.

    Sunglasses alter the spectrum of sunlight. It is especially bad because it covers our eyes which behind our retina is our master clock ⏰ the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN).

    Our eyes ? have two main functions.
    1. As a camera to see all the things you see.
    2. As a clock. To tell time and keep time in our body based on a diurnal 24 hour clock. Our circadian rhythm.

    You see health starts in the eye. There was a study awhile ago that showed childhood obesity could be predicted as the choroid plexus gets bigger.

    the eyes and skin in sunlight melatonin sunglasses

    The SCN needs to see the ‘time' either by sun or sky gazing periodically throughout the day. So wearing sunglasses at 9 am creates darkness and confusion for the SCN (it also does it for the skin as well).

    The light throughout the day gives off different frequencies that our eye and skin pick up and use as energy and information in The form of electrons and photons. Einstein won the nobel prize in 1922 for this, known as the photoelectric effect.

    Confusing your SCN like that causes circadian mismatch. Causing hormones to go haywire and natural secretion patterns and times to be destroyed.

    If not corrected overtime inflammation appears. Gets worse and worse. Disease shows up. Gets worse and worse. Premature death if not fixed.

    The more circadian mismatches one has in life the faster that process goes.

    Sunglasses are just one form of a major circadian mismatch..

    Sunglasses are not cool. They do not make you INVINCIBLE. They are DANGEROUS. They are BAD. They are OFF THE WALL ludicrous when you understand certain aspects of health and start questioning things.

    Part 2 on sunglasses will be coming.

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