• EMF part 1 Webinar: Intro to Grounding & Electro Magnetic Fields (New Albany, Ohio)

    EMF part 1 Webinar: Intro to Grounding & Electro Magnetic Fields (New Albany, Ohio)

    EMF Webinar: Introduction to electro magnetic fields & Grounding

    Welcome to the next webinar in the Improvement Warrior University series.

    In this webinar Jason Yun introduces you to the world of EMFs. Native and non-native EMF.

    EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are comprised of an electric and a magnetic field perpendicular to each other, which travel together in an invisible wave form.

    In my 13 pillars of health webinar, EMFs are #5 on the list. #3 on the list is Light. Blue light is our number 1 nnEMF that we face as a species. Your light environment is more important then the food and exercise you do.

    13 Pillars are now 14 Pillars- Check out the next Pillar Breath

    Avoiding EMFs is something we want to employ as much as we can. We cannot avoid them completely unless you live in a bubble. However mitigating them is vital. Especially if you have a mitochondrial disease (which most diseases are).

    Your tech diet will play a huge role in your ability to get healthy and stay that way.

    Grounding is something that I do every single day. It's one of the most important daily bio-hacks that I have introduced into my life. Before Jason Yun grounding and emf expert hilliard, ohio 9.28.18 I used to only ground when the sun was out and in spring or summer and usually for only 5-10 minutes. When you know better you do better. My goal now is 50 minutes a day. Usually I never get less then 30 minutes and sometimes up to 2-3 hours a day. My activivites the day before or day of will determine how much ‘healing' bio-hacks I engage in.

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