• Rule of 3 x 52: Strength Training 101

    Wanted to share with you something I wrote a while ago in regards to training. But first just wanted to remind you to always check the ingredients.

    Kerrygold butter sell out canola oilKerry Gold which is a grassfed butter from Ireland just recently added a product to their butter line that includes CANOLA OIL. The toxic seed oils (Canola, soybean, Corn, Safflower, sunflower) are the worst things your body can consume- they basically oxidize your insides–rust you. Even Olive oil can be bad- it needs to be extra virgin and in a DARK bottle. If the bottle is clear or you can see through it, the oil is bad and oxidized.

    Anyway, I have mentioned the main topic before and it is the Rule of 3 x 52. Another Strength Coach, Tony Gentilcore, created it. It's a rule that should be in everyone's life.

    During the entire course of a year, 52 weeks, your goal is 156 workouts. MINIMUM! That is 3 workouts per week.

    3 STRENGTH training workouts per week.

    This will be done for the rest of your life if you are wanting to reach your ultimate body, fitness and health goals AND maintain that. Meaning you are not wanting to play the game of getting in shape, then have something happen that derails you where you get out of shape again, get fat, get overweight, have no energy, have no drive, etc…….

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    This is the concept of 3 x 52. I have many strength & conditioning coaches and fitness gurus that I am constantly learning from and asking questions of. Likewise I do the same in the world of business/entrepreneurship, personal development, and spiritual development.

    You don’t know what you don’t know.

    That’s why everybody needs a coach in multiple areas.

    The concept of 3 x 52 means that you will strength train 3 times a week for 52 weeks a year.

    For the rest of your life.

    Strength training means you are doing something to break down the muscle in your training, then recovering/eating properly/sunlight exposure/nnEMF mitigation/blue light blocking so that that muscle gets stronger and you are able to do more the next time.

    3 x 52 does not mean you cannot strength train 5x a week, or 4x a week. Or that you cannot do other type of training during the week.(Why running sucks and especially for kids)

    I do not recommend 7 x a week, and in most cases I do not recommend 6x a week of strength training. The body needs recovery. It’s just as important as the actual workout. However, you have to build your body up, your fitness level, your strength level up to be able to train 4-5 times a week. We do that with the 3 x 52 system.

    Now I am active 7 days a week. I always shoot for at least 10 k steps. My true off day right now is Tuesday, but I did Yoga. I have 3 kettlebells in my office and a pullup ‘bar' that I will occasionally do a few quick reps throughout the day. My schedule right now I have 4 planned strength training days, Sunday is my sprints and jumps which really is a ‘strength' workout, because remember when you do strength train you are not just training the muscular system, you are also training the nervous system, which some say takes 2-3 times longer to recover.

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    The point is being active everyday is the mindset that drives health. ‘Oh I will do it tomorrow,' is how laziness starts. Which leads to more skipped workouts and weakness in mind and body.

    Working out 3 x or more a week is the minority. Around 25% of people do it in the U.S. Disease is the majority. Never follow the herd. Be greater today!


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