• Better Sleep Tips: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 7

    improvement warrior podcast with jason yun

    Better Sleep Tips: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 7

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 7 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 7 we will discuss:
      • We discuss 36 different sleep tips. Some of these will shock you!
      • My original 15 tips plus 21 new tips to get the best sleep possible.
      • Why cold is linked to melatonin
      • What is the sleep hack that instantly improved my sleep
      • Which dog products I use and recommend for better sleep
      • When temperature is SUPPOSED to play a bigger role in us than light.  
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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior POdcast Episode #7: Better Sleep Tips


      1. 34-Day Light Challenge starts August 9, 2021
      2.  Blueblockers:
        1. Midwestern Light therapy
        2. Ra-Optics
        3. Swannies
        4. Uvex
      3. Books
        1. Eat That Frog: Brian Tracy: https://amzn.to/3zGIR3u
        2. Can't Hurt Me David Goggins https://amzn.to/3sUV81b
        3. High Performance Habits Brendan Buchard: https://amzn.to/3wIgLmM
        4. James Nestor: Breath
        5. Jack Kruse: The Epi-Paleo Diet
      4. Defendersheild 
      5. Kill Switch for power grid
      6. Dirty Electricity
      7. Chili Pad or Dog Cooling mat:
      8. Sleep Mask
      9. Circadian Biology Webinars
        1. Part 1
        2. Parts 2 and 3
      10. Leptin Webinars part 1 and 2.
        1. Leptin Webinar Part 3
      11. Tape your mouth 3M Tape
      12. 47-day ketogenic diet challenge
      13. Grounding equipment from LessEMF.com
      14. Iris Software for Computer
      15. WAKN TV Screen
      16. Neck Gaiter for blue light thyroid protection
      17. 13 Pillars of health webinar
      18. Non-tinfoil guide to EMF by Nick Pinneault
      19. Vitamin D
        1. Thore Home Test
        2. Dr Kruse Quantum Vitamin D Blog POst
        3. Improvement Warrio POdcast Episode 5 -How we make Vitamin D
      20. ColdThermogenesis
        1. Cold Thermogenesis 2 by Dr. Jack Kruse
        2. Horse Trough I use from Tractor and Supply
        3. Luke Storey's Cold Thermogenesis podcast
        4. Luke's ice freezer post
        5. Jessica Gamble Ted Talk on Sleep see videos below
        6. Cold Thermogenesis 4
        7. Cold Thermogenesis 6
      21. Magnesium
        1. Citramate
        2. Citrate
        3. Glycinate
        4. 3 form Mag
      22. Magnetico Sleep Pad
      23. Improvement Warrior University: https://if100.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=176
      24. Jessica Gamble Sleep Ted Talk



    Memes from Episode 7


    Sleep in cold and jason yun sun light





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