• Wake Up Call: Health Vs. Disease You Don’t Have Time

    Wake Up Call: Health Vs. Disease You Don't Have Time

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    My message has gotten a lot more agressive as of late because I realize that people are dying. Life is all about delaying death for as long as possible. If you are overweight or already have a disease then dying for that person is sped up, in some cases like cancer (even if you survive) is sped up to a warp speed. This s wake up call #1 

    A lot of people don't have time to waste.

    A lot of people prefer I just talk fitness and nutrition. Because everybody understands it. But it just isn't important factor when you are losing life fast.

    Fitness and nutrition unfortunately is not going to save a lot of people's lives.

    The big factors for health are population density and lattitude. The more people in your area and the higher north you live the worse it is.

    And more importantly whether you connect with nature or not.

    Because if you do not then you are losing electrons which are virtually massless energy and information for your body and cells and you are gaining protons which have 2000x more mass than electrons.

    There is only so much room for protons, so you will get fatter or disease will present itself or get worse.

    I live in Columbus, Ohio which is a shit environment- lots of people so lots of bad tech and we are very high, so the sun here sucks 8 months out of the year.????Its better than Chicago or.NY or Boston but for me its not a problem—RIGHT NOW. I don't have a disease—RIGHT NOW…..and remember obesity, overweight is a disease. Plus I'm outside all the time— so I'm collecting electrons and not losing them.

    Another word for losing electrons is inflammation– which some of you may know is the cause of every disease. Or the start of it.

    I have said it before and will continue- Life is all about electrons, photons and protons. Health vs. Disease is all in how you organize and manage those subatomic particles.

    If you have been fat or have had your disease for more than a decade and you have lived like an indoor zoo animal you can attempt to biohack your environment and see if you can reverse your disease.

    Most diseases can be reversed, or significantly alleviated. Even genetic ones. Genetic and mitochondrial diseases all have one thing in common—- Shitty mitochondria.

    Are you receiving my wake up call yet?

    AFTER biohacking your environment and you cannot reverse it than you have 2 options-
    1. MOVE
    2. Continuing dying and trying things that do not work.

    #2 is what most will do.

    Most focus on weight for health. If you lose weight and gain it back and yo-yo like that you are burning through your stem cells. Which means organ death once those stem cells run out or cancer is coming for you in your older years.

    sun is health, sunscreen and nutrition is not new albany, ohio

    It is time to wake up. Ring ring! Here is your wake up call! The biggest drivers of health are sunlight, water and magnetism. It is not eating kale smoothies and grass fed meat and working out.

    Disease is blue light and nnEMF (5 ive geewiz, 4g, wifi, smart meters, smart tech, airpods, cell phones). It is not eating pizza/ ho hos/ donuts/ bagels and not working out.

    Sleeping for weight loss, jason yun

    If you are ready I am here to help and guide the way. Focus on health. Everyday. Stay strong, stay positive, be the Improvement Warrior

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