• Keto Freezer! Keto Lifestyle Tips

    Keto Freezer! Keto Lifestyle Tips

    I originally posted the video below from August 2019. Going through it I realized there are a lot of things that need some updating.
    When you know better you do better. 

    Flax seeds I no longer do as I have heard of it causing testosterone/estrogen issues. Plus if you are doing it for Omega-3's. –Phytoestrogens are a plant nutrient that behaves similarly in the body like the female hormone estrogen. Now estrogen is in both male and female bodies. And it should be in balance in both bodies; females should have a lot more then males, but you will know when you see an estrogen dominant male— ever seen man boobies? Happens usually when a man is eating too many carbs or eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).
    Phytoestrogens are known as a major endocrine disruptor. If the balance of estrogen goes too high then that is when both sexes will have some major problems.
    I don't do almond butter anymore unless I can find non-GMO. Almonds are one of the highest glyphosate foods, I don't even eat regular almonds anymore because of this unless I can find non-GMO. I moved back to peanut butter as I have never noticed any issues. For my flours I usually do walnut, pecan, brazil nuts and cashews in the warmer months. They say that peanut allergies have skyrocketed since 1989, they say it was around 1 in 12,000 before and nowadays it is like 12-14% of all kids in US. Do you know what happened in 1986 that made 1989 a banner year for kids being born or adapting a chornic disease within their lifetime (54%)???
    Batteries in Cold 😉 You in Cold–Charge your battery! Check out #CTWithYun for more information about Cold Thermogenesis.
    Cold thermogenesis and fat loss electrons jason yun
    Haven't been to Asian grocery in over 9 months so don't have as much fish in my freezer now, usually jsut a seafood medley and ahi tuna steaks. Oysters– make sure to watch if oil is added, lots of bad toxic seed oils–frozen or fresh usually don't have anything added. 
    DHA is the most important nutrient to consume and must be packed with iodine, which is easy with seafood.
    DHA in seafood must be eaten electrons
    The chocolates I now use is 100% dark chocolate, sometimes I will go as low as 92%, but higher dark chocolate will have more nutrients (resveretrol, etc..)
    I only cleanse in summer now.  Ingredients not in-season year round. I do intermittent fasts daily and longer fasts (over 24 hours) 2-4 times a month. 
    Currently in March, not eating any fruits or veggies except for mushrooms, onions, avocados, and seaweed. Asparagus comes in-season in April! Circadian Nutrition.
    My fridge now has an incadscent red light bulb in it. The freezer I couldn't switch it out. If you need a good LED no Flicker bluelight free light bulb check out KOZE Health, use code IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR for 10% off.
    The blue blockers I am wearing in this video are not real. I was had by people trying to make a quick buck. Clear blue blockers do not block anything. They must have a tint (grey/amber/orange/red) to them, do not be fooled by BS companies.
    For blueblockers check out Ra Optics here. 
    34-Day Light Challenge is open 34-Day Light Challenge #3
    So what's in your freezer?

    34-Day Light Challenge. Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!

    34-day light challenge by jason yun mitochondriac

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