• Yun’s Healthy Habits Part 1 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 18

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    Yun's Healthy Habits Part 1 | Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 18

    In this episode of the Improvement Warrior Podcast, I go over the main healthy habits of health that I follow on a daily/weekly basis. If your health routine is only revolving around diet and exercise then you are not healthy. It is that simple. The fitness and nutrition industries are billion-dollar industries and they are not ready to let go of that revenue that most other billion-dollar industries. This is simply what I am currently doing. I share the things that work to inspire others to gain the energy and happiness they deserve IF they are willing to work for it. 

    Key Talking Points in Yun's Healthy Daily Habits Podcast:

    1. Why water first thing in the AM is vital to health
    2. Why sunrise is most important thing for setting circadian rhythm
    3. Why you need to sun your genitals
    4. Does sky gazing do anything?
    5. How to alter your morning routine based on sunrise times and kids' school
    6. If your habits are the same year round you are not healthy. Why!?
    7. What is the best exercise you can do when you are overweight or have a disease.
    8. Why you need to lose the mindset around exercise and diet for health
    9. What are the 3 most important times to be out in the sun?
    10. The different ways I use Red Light Therapy
    11. The benefits of photobiomodulation
    12. When should I eat
    13. What all disease and death is a synonym for
    14. 2 things to reduce or eliminate myopia
    15. How pooping is tied to a healthy circadian rhythm and when is it an indication of poor circadian cycling.
    16. My process for making my nuts healthier (nuts like walnuts, pecans……NOT those nuts SMH)
    17. Why you need to open a window ALL THE TIME
    18. Why you need a standing desk and why you need to be patient with it.
    19. How to turn your office into a workout
    20. Should your workout schedule change depending on the season?
    21. Why working out under blue light is really bad
    22. Why electron steal syndrome is connected to ALL diseases.
    23. Which part of your body is meant to PLUG into the ground to recharge the best
    24. The benefits of grounding and things you can do while grounding.
    25. Why eating multiple meals a day will kill your metabolism
    26. Why if you are cold all the time you are headed for sickness
    27. Why I don't like the cold but I still face it everyday and make it my bitch
    28. The benefits of Cold thermogenesis and the different ways you can do it
    29. If you live near this and do not use it you are an idiot
    30. What is the best thing to do to increase your mental toughness?
    31. Why reading fiction before bed is better than non-fiction.
    Hope you enjoy the show. Please share it out to any friends or anybody having issues with their health. And of course don't forget to rate the podcast on apple podcasts.  Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior
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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #18: Yun's Healthy Habit Part 1


      1. Yun recommends page
      2. 34-Day Light Challenge
      3. 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge
      4. Mindtamer
      5. LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts
      6. Improvement Warrior Fitness (Adults) & Improvement Warrior Athlete (youth) strength and fitness training in New Albany, Ohio
      7. Blue blockers and Light Partners:
        1. All blue blocking glasses and discount codes can be found here.
      8. Books Mentioned:
        1. Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow
        2. Elizabeth Kolbert: the 6th Extinction
        3. Earthing Book
      9. Improvement Warrior Webinars
        1. 14 pillars of health webinar
        2. Leptin
        3. Breathing
        4. sun cosmetics
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          2. The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity #15
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