• Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness

    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness


    My gym/studio in Hilliard is closed. 3/16 was the last day due to the state mandate for the Corona Virus. (For Corona Workouts check out:)

    Although it needs to be said that I was hoping that 3/31 we would make it to without a forced closure.
    Because that was the day I was officially going to close up shop. Which is very sad because i didn’t get to say a face-to-face goodbye.
    I started my business in 2007 and opened my first bootcamp and group classes in 2008.
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    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness

    It’s been an interesting ride. From renting out space in Hilliard and dublin, where I actually met my wife. To opening up spaces in Downtown Columbus and Reynodlsburg. To even opening up and doing yoga program.
    To now.
    As you know I’m passionate about moving towards your purpose and working with your passion.
    My purpose during this time, and the last 13 years has changed quite a bit.
    Ive changed quite a bit.
    My beliefs have changed dramatically.
    My former business coach always says in order to grow a business you have to spend the majority of your time working ON the business and not IN the business.
    Unfortunately since the beginning of 2018 I would say I have spent about 80% of my time working IN the business. 90% of it in 2019.
    And with that certain aspects of it has started to feel like a job.
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    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness

    2018 was when I really decided I wanted to get my gym membership up and I really invested in facebook ads and marketing.
    It started off awesome, numbers went up and up, attendance and things started looking good.
    But then there was the drop off. Usually 1-2 months in those people I brought in stopped coming in. Making excuses, etc…….  That has been probably my biggest frustration over the 13 years.
    Before I just didn’t understand it, how somebody can let themselves get weak, how somebody can skip workouts for a week, or a month, or a year or their entire life.
    Now I understand it.
    Some people like where there life is so much that they are unwilling to change even in the face of disease or death or hurting their family.
    It usually is due to their brain not working properly. And not being able to think properly. This ties into Dopamine levels in their brain. If you dopamine levels are down you cannot make the right decisions. You can not see the truth of something even if it is presented right in front of your face.
    Because beliefs are hard to change for a lot of people. Most will never change them even if those beliefs are hurting them and the people around them.
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    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness

    As you may or may not know I announced my retirement in 2019 from being a fitness and nutrition guru.

    In September of 2018 I started on a path with a man who I consider the real-life Yoda, or the modern day Einstein. It has resulted in the absolute best health I have had in my life. And it wasn’t because of my fitness or nutrition. Those played a part, but they were not the driving force.

    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness


    Before this path change I would of told you my health was a 10, or 9.5 on most days. Now, feeling the way I feel I can say my health back then was no greater then a 7 on most days. 6-7 on average.
    I do blame myself as well for my clients fall off. I believe of all the trainers in the world I give more information out outside of the physical workouts. Before it used to all just be nutrition and fitness related. But then it switched to light, blue light, the sun, EMFs, magnetism, sleep, blue blockers, circadian rhythm ,etc…….
    It can be very overwhelming. Especially when you come in with a paradigm of if I just start working out and fix my nutrition I will become healthy and get to my ideal weight/ body image.
    Nothing can be further from the truth.
    Now you can lose weight and you can look better naked with just focusing on those two things. I did it. But remember my health was only a 7 at best. The damage that will be coming from messed up hormones, circadian biology, leptin receptors, stem cell depletion, etc……   will eventually catch up to you as you age.
    However, most people will take it as they are getting older. And just put it on the age thing.
    Not me.
    If you don’t my story I was basically reborn around 2007-2009. Before that I suffered from high anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide. I believe people that have come back from near death experiences appreciate life more if they can make it through that experience.
    Since making this decision to shut the gym down I feel like I am reborn again.
    Now it has been scary. What am I going to do? How am I going to do it? How will my daily routines change, etc……..
    With being so busy being busy and working IN my business I always wanted to write a book. But it was a good thing I was so busy because if I had wrote one it would of just been another one about the fitness and nutrition BS that publish 300 books every year. Then why haven’t we solved the obesity epidemic? and health crisis? Because it isn’t about fitness and nutrition. If I were to write a book now it would be about the BS that is perpetuated by the fitness and nutrition industry that keeps people from truly achieving optimal health and for some people hurts them even more and for some people KILLS them.
    I will always be involved and continue talking educating about those two subjects. I’ll be focusing on my online workouts like LBN and IWOT and growing those.
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    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness


    I originally got into this field because I wanted to work with athletes. I will be continuing that. Athletic Revolution-Hilliard is now IWA. I’ll be opening my home gym in New albany to continue t train athletes as well as contacting schools, teams, individuals about hosting speed, agility, strength camps and clinics.
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    Hilliard Studio Gym Closed Forever- Improvement Warrior Fitness


    I also will be opening my home gym for small group training for adults. Working out still needs to be a part of most people’s plans as it revolves around overall health. And I feel it is my duty to teach people how to do it right. Because most trainers out their teach people wrong, I used to be one of those, but I am always learning and getting better.
    If you have a trainer ask them what the last book they read was and when? Ask them what they are currently reading?
    If the answer is nothing to the last question. Find a new trainer. Or nutritionist.

    The main things I will be doing

    1. Improvement Warrior Podcast. This is where I will unleash everything in my 13 pillars….. 13 pillars of webinar here!!!……..  better parenting, better living, better everything. My brother has even agreed to be my podcast sidekick. wild boar new albany fitness nutrition coach
    2. The Improvement Warrior Webinars. I don’t think I have been able to do a webinar in about a year. That is my true passion…..learning then implementing then tweaking then educating others.
    3. Speaking. Educating businesses, schools through speaking and presentations.
    4. Educating other trainers/nutritionists. Working out under blue light is really stupid when you know the details of why and the biology that is happening. Eating a kale salad or grass fed butter under blue light and wifi is just a band-aid for the disease that will eventually take you out. Taking a supplement to fix your mitochondrial disease is like going to Lake Erie, pissing in it, and then expecting the entire Lake to turn yellow. Not happening.
      1. I used to think I knew it all as a trainer, until I learned and realized I knew nothing at all. Don’t let your education stop you from learning.
    5. I will continue to write blogs and make videos with new life/health changing information as I learn it.
    6. EMF– mitigation.
    Not everybody is interested in changing.
    Not everybody is interested in taking a deep look inside their self
    Not everybody is interested in examine their lifestyle and seeing what path it will take you to in 10-30 years. If you will even make it that long.
    And that stuff is very hard to do with a bad brain. Bad dopamine. It’s even harder to admit that your brain doesn’t work 100%. But that is what leptin resistance is. Insulin resistance. Any disease the brain is not functioning 100%
    My didn’t work for a long time. But it is amazing how you feel once you get it back to optimal.
    It just takes one step in the right direction. You never know where that direction will take you.
    I started a fitness business in 2007. I had no idea where it was going to take me. And I have no idea where this next adventure is going to take me.
    I am an Improvement Warrior. I am a mitochondriac. I am a truth seeker.
    I will do whatever is needed to make my life the best possible.
    And as I do that I plan to take anybody who is wanting to improve with me. It requires letting go of past beliefs, paradigms, dogma, that has been implanted in you. Some rightly, some wrongly. But everything must be examinded with an open mind to see if there is truth inside it.
    mitochondriac and improvement warrior for improvement and greatness
    With that, thank you for watching. I can’t wait to take you all on the next adventure of my life.
    Let’s go!
    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior

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