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    Your Light Environment is more important than the food you eat or the exercise you do.

    Welcome to the LIGHT page. On this page you will find links to some of the light products that I use and recommend. From blue light blocking glasses to blue light free bulbs to red light therapy to screens for your TV. Most of the links are affiliate links and some come with a discount code so thank you for supporting our partners in light fighting crime.

    Blue blocker glasses links (some links are affiliate links:

    1. Midwestern Light Therapy: These are the ones I wear most often now 2020 & on) Use code improvementwarrior10 for 10%
    2. Viva Rays (code is IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR)
    3. Ra_Optics Blue Blocking Glasses (day and night pairs)
    4. Uvex 1:
    5. Uvex 2 (fit over glasses pair):
    6. Flip up fitover:
    7. Swanwick:
    8. Truedark:
    9. Defendershield (we use the kids ones here)

    Red Light Therapy and Blue Light Free Light Bulbs

    If you are looking for red light therapy and/or blue light free bulbs check out KozeHealth.com use code IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR for 10% off or visit the link above for Midwestern Light Therapy use code improvementwarrior10 for 10% off.

    Koze health Red light therapy on genitals jason yun

    Red Light On the Balls does a body good 😉

    Block Blue Light From Your TV With WAKN

    WAKN TV and laptop blue light filter

    Check out WAKN for TV & computer blue light blocking screens. Use code ‘improvementwarrior' for 10% off. 

    Iris Technology for your Computer. This is what I use on my laptop and desktop computer. Click here to order.

    iris blue light blocking software for computer

    For more recommended products that Yun uses and recommends please visit the Yun Recommends Page here.

    Blue light makes you fat jason yun

    34-day light challenge jason yun

    Join the 34-day light challenge today and start changing your light environment!!

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