• The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity- Improvement Warrior Podcast 15

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    The Root Cause Of Autism & Autoimmunity | Improvement Warrior Podcast 15

    Episode 15 is a deep dive into the main drivers of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autoimmunity. This podcast was stemmed from a comment who thought that his autism could not be cured. Most diseases are curable but not every person can be cured. Mindset matters!

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 15 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 15: The Root Cause of Autism & Autoimmunity we will discuss:
      • How Autism Spectrum Disorder is caused and when and why
      • What are transition metals and how do they affect autism
      • An in-depth breakdown of two transition metals-Iron and Copper and they're role in all disease
      • How the mitochondria is passed down and what is the issue with kids' mitochondria when they are born
      • What causes Autoimmune diseases?
      • Why the DC Electric Current is Vital to our health and what the heck is it?
      • Why carbs help kids get sicker, especially with autism
      • Why nnEMF is the worst thing for a human's health
      • Exactly how ‘switches' in us get turned on or kept off– epigenetics 101
        • Why Autism is an epi-genetic disease and not genetic!
      • How osteoporosis is caused
      • How Alzheimer's Disease is related to Autism
      • The Book and Newsletter everybody should get
      • The 4 points of Dr. Jack Kruse on how to go from an optimal fetus to an optimal adult
      • How Neuroimmune diseases are caused
      • What is Calcium Efflux and when its really bad
      • The most important factor for reversing autism, autoimmunity or any disease
      • The dangers of EMFs acting like a particle vs. a wave and ramifications on our health
        • Why women suffer from nnEMF more and get more autoimmune diseases
      • Why Tylenol is really bad overall and really bad for Autism
      • Exactly how a fellow mitochondriac reversed her child's autism
      • What is Vitamin D's role in Autism
      • My original Jabbseen research I conducted in 2014 with regards to my own daughter.
      • What is my biggest regret to date as a parent
      • What is Mercury and ALuminum's role in Autism and neuroimmune diseases.
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    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #15: The Root Cause of Autism and Autoimmunity


      1. Yun recommends page
      2. 34-Day Light Challenge
      3. 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge
      4. Mindtamer
      5. LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts
      6. Improvement Warrior Fitness (Adults) & Improvement Warrior Athlete (youth) strength and fitness training in New Albany, Ohio
      7. Blueblockers and Light Partners:
        1. Midwestern Light therapy (use code improvementwarrior10 for 10% off)
        2. Koze Health (use code IMPROVEMENTWARRIOR for 10% off)
        3. Ra-Optics
        4. Swannies
        5. Uvex
      8. Books Mentioned:
        1. Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow
        2. Andrew Marino: Going Somewhere
        3. Robert Becker: The Electric Body
      9. Previous Podcasts Mentioned
        1. How Vitamin D Is Made Episode 5
        2. 36 Tips for better sleep Episode 7
      10. References
        1. Energy & Epigenetics 3: Autoimmunity ~Dr. Jack Kruse
        2. Energy & Epigenetics 8: Quantum Autism ~Dr. Jack Kruse
        3. Forum Post Mr Pinkies Reversing Autism
        4. Tynenol in pregnancy doubles risk of Autsim ~ Dr. Mercola
        5. Jason Yun's JabbaSeen research
          1. Evernote research note 1
          2. Evernote Research note 2 
          3. Evernote Research note 3
          4. Evernote Research note 4
          5. Evernote Research note 5
          6. Evernote Research note 6
          7. Evernote Research note 7
          8. Evernote Research note 8
          9. Evernote Research note 9
        6. The Greater Good Documentary
          1. Greater good RESEARCH
        7. Jabbed Documentary
      11. Defendershield phone cases and faraday pouches and more
      12. Mewe Group: Improvement Warrior Truthseekers
      13. Antennae Search.com
      14. Shop EMF Meters at LessEMF.com
      15. Ecosia- Plant trees for searching on the internet
      16. Lakanto Keto Sweetener
      17. Improvement Warrior University: https://if100.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showProductDetail?productId=176
        1. Breath-14 Pillars of Health Webinar (will also be released as Episode 12 podcast)
        2. The Leptin Webinars
        3. The Blue Light Webinars
        4. EMF Webinar
        5. The Epi-Paleo Diet Webinars


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    Vitamin D Pill vs. Sun Jason Yun Autism Podcast


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