• 127-page ebook from Dr. Martin Pall- 5g Summit Relaunch

    The 5G summit is re-launching.

    Are you subscribed to the newsletter? How many trainers/nutritionists do you know talking about 5G, EMF, the sun, blue light, mitochondria, electrons, photons, Einstein, Circadian biology…… along with Nutrition and Fitness?????

    The 5G summit is re-launching.

    Super happy they are doing this especially now. The altered field we live is the main cause of all health epidemics we are seeing in the world.

    ‘When a human sees a shark fin break the water do they stay in place in that environment? 5G nnEMF is no different. The difference is the time scale to injury. Shark bites are imminent and 5G injury = chronic disease' ~Dr. Jack Kruse

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    Get Dr. Martin Pall's powerful, 127-page eBook, 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective, and learn the science that proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the biologically harmful effect of 5G deployments and wireless radiation.

    Unlock your complimentary eBook, 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective now

    As the 5G wireless technology rollout is relentlessly promoted. The industry assures us it is safe for your health while they dismiss numerous peer-reviewed, independent studies showing the risks it presents

    Dr. martin Pall washington state university molecular biosciencesDr. Martin Pall builds a rational and evidence-based case for predicting an imminent explosion in health issues that will come with being immersed 24/7/365 in this technology, including:

    + Neurodegenerative and chronic diseases
    + Infertility
    + Cancers
    + Autism
    + Still-births
    + Blindness
    + Hormonal dysfunction
    + DNA damage
    + Kidney failure
    + Insect holocaust
    + Conflagrations of forests

    The 5G summit is re-launching.

    The future for humanity and our planet can only be assured by people willing to stand up to destructive forces against what may seem insurmountable odds.This 127-page eBook is a powerful summary of the science that telecoms don't want us to know, because it scientifically demonstrates, beyond any reasonable doubt, the biologically harmful effect of 5G deployments and wireless radiation in general. Includes citations to 139 scientific research papers.

    Gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the 127-page, 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective eBook now

    When you download this important eBook, you'll also reserve a seat for the free, online 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit taking place on June 1 — world-renowned experts teaching you more about EMFs and 5G!

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