• Turn Off The Damn Wifi

    Turn Off The Damn Wifi

    wifi switch to ethernet new albany strength coach for athletes

    By Jason Yun

    New Albany Strength Coach and Certified Nutritionist explains why wifi is the reason for our health epidiemics and NOT food or lack of exercise.

    So I got back from Hilton Head Sunday night. With vacation some parts awesome, some parts not so much.

    Sleep was one of the big not so much. It actually sucked really bad.

    Wifi was on 🙁

    Wifi is one of the worst things for you in general, not just when you are sleeping. Because it's effects are on whenever it's on.

    There wasn't a night that I didn't wake up at least 3 times trhoughout the night. 5 of the 7 nights there I actually unplugged it, but the houses were litterally right on top of each other so I was still getting signals from other houses.

    But with wifi and cell signals and smart meters the key is always distance. Further you can get the better.

    At home we use ethernet 98% of the time. We only use wifi when we have to download podcasts or my wife's shows, and I make sure everybody is out of the house (again distance).

    Wifi is one of the ‘rules' that I put on the Video Game Addicts blog as well. So it's especially important for kids to get right. The blog is here: Video Game Addicts

    The main issue with wifi and nnEMF in general is it causes calcium efflux or Excitotoxicity. Calcium is very tightly regulated inside of our cells (which is one reason you should not take it unless under the supervision of a doc that knows what he is doing (most docs don't know). If too much calcium gets in it causes Apoptosis (cell suicide) and in the brain this is bad. 

    new albany speed and agility training yunEspecially bad if it is a child or an older brain cause you are killing brain cells of either a develping brain or a brain that is on it's last legs. 

    The other big thing with Wifi and nnEMF is it dehydrates you big time. Water is way more important then food. The 8 glasses a day is nonsense. It all depends on your environment. If you work all day under wifi and blue lights and then go home and do the same your water intake will need to be up big time.

    I usually drink between 1.25-2 gallons a day. As cold as possible because that delivers more electrons and holds more oxygen. Both good things.

    Life organizes around the electron. You want to be like super mario collects gold coins but you are collecting electrons.

    Wifi is one thing that causes us to constantly lose electrons to our environment.

    You have to replace those otherwise symptoms of inflammation will show up, then disease, and that will take years or decades off then ultimately premature death. 

    With food the top foods containing electrons are seafood> fat > other good proteins > in-season carbs.However, you cannot eat all day long so it is vital to control your nnEMF environment.

    blue light circadian rhythm

    There is a video down below on measuring wifi signals. I know when I measure and wifi goes on my EMF meter goes haywire.


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