• Sleep Deprivation- What happens to your body and brain sleep deprived?

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    Sleep Deprivation- What happens to your body and brain sleep deprived?

    The 5 pillars of health mentioned in the video existed in early 2018.

    However, in around March of 2018 those Pillars grew to 6 and by November of 2018 the total number of pillars grew to 10. So besides fitness and nutrition there are a total of 8 other things affecting your health. The sad thing is the majority of people (90%+) don't even know about 5 of them, and those 5 are the ones most likely holding you back from reaching your ultimate health.

    It's all covered in our Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Membership. The sleep challenge that is mentioned in the above video is no longer offered, it has been merged into the Improvement Warrior Optimal Health Membership.

    Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep deprivation and getting over and out of it is a skill. Sleep is a skill. The habits we build around it will make or break us. So this is not something that you can master in 6 weeks or even 6 months. I still make mistakes to this day because I am human and we have so many distractions and things that can pull us out of our routine.

    If you do not get this right in your life then good luck getting your body and health right.

    Research study: Sleep deprivation

    If you are sleep deprived just 1 night you can become as INSULIN RESISTANT as a Type 1 Diabetic!

    Insulin resistant is bad. A host of things are associated with it. Basically your cells need more insulin pumped into them to get the same job done as before. It doesn't happen overnight…….it goes back to bad habits. Especially those related to carbohydrate consumption. And that goes more towards processed carbs, fructose, too many starches, too many fruits eaten out of season. However there are other things that can make us insulin resistant– sleep is one, not exercising enough is another.

    Being overweight or obese is a hormonal problem.

    Sleep will be able to help restore those hormones better then anything.


    We have 2 genomes in every single cell and unfortunately we have been focusing on the wrong one. We have a nuclear genome (DNA-aka genetic) and a mitochondrial genome. It's been said that 80-95% of all modern day diseases are of Mitochondrial changes. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell– they provide the energy or they take it away based on how you live your life.

    Up to 60% of people in the United States have some type of sleep issue. 8 hours of sleep has been the gold standard for a long time, however it's more about the quality not the quantity. Again this goes back to our habits around sleep and pre-bedtime; even during the day or in the morning you can do certain things to wreck your sleep……….and hence wreck your life if done long enough.

    William Dement, Sleep Expert: ‘If your sleep is not healthy then you are not healthy.'

    Our Lymphatic system is our body's natural dump truck. It helps to remove toxins and bad stuff from our body. Our brain has one as well and it is called the Glymphatic System and Autophagy: Our body's natural dump truck for toxins for our brain. During sleep our brain actually shrinks in order to make this process work. Unfortunately if you have Sleep Deprivation, it's not going to work as well and those toxins will build up. Let that happen over time then you can see why energy drops, inflammation goes up, body fat and weight changes, and eventually major diseases start to show up.

    Future videos and blog posts in this series: Will be talking about black out your rooms, light bulbs, light, wifi, your phone, alarm clocks, and more………

    It's all coming and it is all important in regards to your sleep.

    Remember this is not something that you are going to master in 6 weeks, so be patient, ask questions. If you don't ask questions I think everything is going awesome for you. Do your own research as well that will help move everything along even faster.

    You are a student again. Education doesn't stop when your schooling ends…….in fact that is just the beginning of your real education, because life is always teaching us something. Takes notes, implement the stuff you learn…..otherwise you might end up in detention rather then recess.

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