• Eat Seasonally For Optimal Health

    Eat Seasonally For Optimal Health

    What's in season? Eating seasonally for optimal health— following the circadian rythym of food

    One of the biggest reasons for all the major diseases we see, especially the ones related to obesity, is eating carbs out of season. Especially the further north you get from the equator.

    regsitered dietician farmers market dublin, ohioI print off every month what is in season from ofbf.org. One thing you will not see on the list for foods in Ohio is banana. Probably one of the most common fruits to eat, but that Ohioans should not.

    The sicker you are the more you need to follow eating in season when it comes to these vegetables and fruits. And also the less carbohydrates should be consumed. And also the MORE SUNSHINE you should be getting and the less non-native artificial light you should be getting. (watch the blue light toxicity webinar here)

    Corn is in season in Ohio but you should also never eat that. It's not a vegetable it is a grain and most of it is GMO. Even if it is not, it's the primary fuel source fake farmers use to fatten up cattle because it is not there natural diet (take a hint from nature 😉

    2 things not on the list for August that should be eaten are mushrooms and avocados. 2 of the best foods on the planet.

    This post covers mostly 3 of our 13 pillars of health: Circadian Biology, Light, Nutrition. Watch the 13 pillars webinar here. 

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