• RIP Chadwick Boseman- Colon Cancer

    RIP Chadwick Boseman- Colon Cancer
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    RIP T'Challa. Chadwick Boseman 11/29/76- 8/28/20

    Over the weekend as you probably heard one of our favorite Avengers as the Black Panther and Actors passed from Colon Cancer at the age of 43.

    Cancer is something I talk a lot about on social media, blogs, videos and so forth.

    It is what I refer to as a disease of aging.

    Meaning it usually happens the older we get.

    Obviously, there are exceptions.

    The sad fact is the exceptions are beocming more and more common. So don't be surprised to hear about 20 and 30 years with Dementia and Alzheimers.

    In 1900, Colon (& rectal) cancer was the 37th leading killer of cancers. Today it is the #2 killer.

    That is a big change in just 120 years.

    53,200 are expected to die from colorectal cancers this year alone in the US. Colorectal (colon and rectal) cancer is the #2 most diagnosed cancer behind skin cancer (one big reason for skin is here–it's not the sun.)

    Cancer is big business. And you read that right– it is a business. Don't be a customer.

    It also is an epi-genetic disease. Meaning your environment you put yourself and your cells in will determine if you remain well, get a disease, or get cancer.

    cancer epigenetic disease mitochondria black panther

    You can check out the blog post I posted in February about the Epigenetics of Cancer here

    One of the markers for pretty much every cancer is low vitamin D status. Under 60 is bad. And we have an epidemic of low Vitamin D in the US and also the world. Everybody staying wrapped up in clothes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, staying inside under fake blue light (which Harvard and other studies have said is a primary cause for Breast cancer).

    sunlight jason yun new albany, oh, chadwick bosemanAs I write this my colon and rectum is getting shined on through my tan through bathing suit. Breast and prostate cancer need solar exposure on those parts. I'm making 162 iu of vitamin d per minute.


    Don't let Chadwick's case become your case, or your family or friends. And then of course he went the traditional route to treat it with chemo which I believe shortened his life significantly.

    Chemo and drugs a shotgun approach- kill cancer cells, but also kill healthy cells and also the T-Killer (cancer killing) cells).

    If you survive, congrats! But are you going back to the same lifestyle that got you cancer in the first place? Then you can be happy to welcome it again or any other disease due to a depleted stem cell depot, and weakened immune system.

    There are so many natural ways to deal with it, but you have to do your research. You won't hear about those ways on the Cancer institue's website.

    I actually just posted a post of their recommended snacks- see below……. I told you it is a BIG BUSINESS and they want YOU!

    american cancer association wants to kill you

    RIP T'Challa! You will not be forgotten.

    Cancer takes Chadwick Boseman Mitochondria sucks

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