• Corona Virus- Should You Be Scared- New Albany Personal Training

    Corona Virus- Should You Be Scared- New Albany Personal Training

    Corona Virus- #1 protection hack is:

    Vitamin D Level!!!! Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

    Corona Virus- Should You Be Scared? Who should be scared?

    covid-19 vaccine for unhealthy people near gahanna

    Do you know your vitamin D levels?

    You should!

    It is one of the most important numbers to know for overall health.
    If it is low then we know that your health sucks and more importantly your environment sucks.

    Remember your environment can be several things. And you can live in a completely different environment then someone who lives in the same house in another room.

    And remember in order to get healthy or reverse your disease- you cannot do that until you change your environment.

    Unfortunately, some people will not.

    Low vitamin D also means your immune system sucks.

    You can supplement with Vitamin D- however I would not do so unless Vitamin K is with it…….you can read this blog post for more information

    Vitamin D is back where I live (at the 40th lattitude) I make it a point to get outside and get it that way.

    Strength coach sunrise sun gazing, hilliard, oh


    Nothing beats the sun!

    Nothing beats the SUN!

    Vitamin D isn't the only thing made by the sun.

    It programs and gives information and energy to all your cells and biology on a quantum scale.

    Do you have the D Minder app?

    Get your vitamin D levels tested: Thorne At Home Test

    Corona Virus is nothing to be scared of when you have high vitamin D. High D also means you have a high redox potential in your cells and mitochondria. If your mitochondria suck then you suck and you are much more likely to get the corona virus (Covid-19) and any other disease or flu or common cold for that matter.

    Vitamin D and K supplement: But remember 

    With supplementation it is not sulfated, only the sun can do that. And that is why it is so important to know your levels.

    Get outside periodically throughout the day. Vitamin D is only present when UVB is out, it is only out at certain times….the D Minder app will tell you exactly when. The UV is usually stronger when UVB is out so it is important to be out at sunrise and early morning and sunset to absorb more red light to build your solar callus up so you can absorb more UVB when it is out without getting burned.

    I'm not worried about the Corona Virus.

    Should you be????


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