• Mammograms- Just Say No Ladies (Breast cancer epigenetics)

    Mammograms- Just Say No Ladies (Breast cancer epigenetics)

    mammograms x ray raditation dangersMammograms. I posted a little about them this morning on my profiles, but decided to make a video and a blog post to go even deeper.


    Don't do it ladies.

    Let's talk about mammograms. Watch the video below. Let me know your thoughts.

    And Gentlemen……same goes for the PSA test for TURP's/biopsies (prostate cancer).

    Remember one thing everybody!

    Cancer is a natural process. You, me, your mom, your brother, your daughter……alll have cancer cells in us right now. The problem becomes when you live a toxic life with too many circadian mismatches and a bad EMF enviornment when those cancer cells can build up and become a tumor and potentially kill you.

    Cancer is an epi-genetic disease…..meaning you bring it on yourself with lifestyle and enviornment……or worse you bring it on your kid. Remember, moms–you are the only one who passes down mitochondria to ofspring. Crappy mitochondria opens you yp to every single disease.

    The best way to never get any cancer is prevent it. But we should not be afraid of it……UNLESS we are using any of the four horsemen of death on the regular and get a terminal brain cancer because of it…..talking on your cell phone up against your head, using airpods anytime, wearing an Iwatch……these are not smart things to do, and when you truly understand what they are doing to you and your mitochondria they are truly quite dumb. Read the blog post here.

    cancer epigenetic disease mitochondria black panther

    The majority of cancer deaths that occur in the world are because the person and families diagnosed were unaware of alternate treatments compared with drugs and chemotherapy.

    Like anything in healthcare it's all about the money–they don't care about you.

    Below is the video:

    Truth About Mammograms and Breast Cancer: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

    Low Vitamin D plays a role in every single cancer.

    vitamin d protects against cancer breast prostate

    What's your D? You should know. Best time to get it done is before cold weather sets in (under 62 degrees on average– because that is when our suprachiasmatic nucleus gets programmed more my cold rather than light). Get a home test here

    The best cancer prevention is the sun–when's the last time your ta ta's saw the sun, or gentlemen your balls (mine saw it yesterday). Kiniki tan through swimwear.

    Mammograms are used to detect breast cancer, employ ionizing radiation that carries a risk of developing cancer; new 3-D mammography, also called breast tomosynthesis, uses more radiation to achieve sharper images.

    Data show after 10 mammograms you have a 50 to 60 percent risk of receiving a false positive result, potentially necessitating further testing with more radiation or even treatment.

    ‘During a featured study, Autier found the mammograms overdiagnosed 59 percent of stage 1 cancers and 33 percent of stage 0 cancers. In other words, the lesions that were found by the mammograms didn't necessarily require any treatment. These findings support previous work published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which concluded that finding additional small cancers without an absence in the overall rate of death suggest widespread overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

    sunlight is the cure for breast cancer jason yunSince the tumors had been identified, women were undergoing treatment they didn't require.

    In fact, one study demonstrated $4 billion is spent each year on health care following false positive mammograms.

    Autier commented, “I don't think the accumulating data show that continuing mammography screening is a good solution, essentially because the price to pay by women in terms of overdiagnosis is enormous.” Prevention is clearly the best medicine when it comes to cancer, but screening does not qualify as prevention.'
    ~Dr. Mercola

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    airpods kill kids technology brain cells jason yun

    If you want brain cancer keep using these. Have fun dying


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