• Blue Blockers- Blue Light Toxicity Webinar Part 2

    Blue Blockers- Blue Light Toxicity Webinar Part 2

    bluelight destroys sleep and melatonin levels Improvement Warrior University

    What is Blue light? And why you need Blue Blockers!

    Sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light. We see it as white light when all are combined when we are outside. Each spectrum of color has a different energy and wavelength. Blue rays have shorter wavelengths and more energy. Artificial Light that shines white will have a greater compoenent of blue which will wreck havoc on our eyes, hormones, sleep and our overall health. Which is why blue blockers play a vital role in your life and family's.

    Replay Webinar is below:

    In this webinar Jason Yun covers the very important part of protecting your eyes with blue blocking glasses and filters for your computer and phone. Blue light has a spectrum of light in it that tells our Supra Chiasmatic Nucleus and the rest of our body clocks that it is 1200-100 pm. These are the light being emitted by our phones, computer screens, TVs, Tablets, and general indoor and outdoor lighting.

    It is super important to protect the eyes from this unnatural lighting. And get the natural lighting from the sun as much as we can. Even when cloudy, raining, or snowing.

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    Connecting with nature is one of the fastest ways to regain your health. It is our natural supplement and charger. However, our modern day world has created a way where we don't even have to ever experience nature. But the big thing is Mother Nature is intolerant to any light that she did not create. Plus your brain, eyes, skin, hormones, and a host of other things that make up our human biology and mitochondrial DNA and Nuclear DNA also do not like artificial light.

    Find out which blue blockers are options for you and which are not.




    Blue blockers glasses links (some links are affiliate links:

    1. Midwestern Light Therapy: These are the ones I wear most often now 2020 & on)
    2. Ra_Optics Blue Blocking Glasses (day and night pairs) (The pair I was wearing in the webinar)
    3. Uvex 1:
    4. Uvex 2 (fit over glasses pair):
    5. Flip up fitover:
    6. Swanwick:
    7. Truedark:

    Blue light free light bulbs (AND Flicker Free)- Koze Health (Improvement Warrior Discount included at checkout)
    amber light bulbs no blue light

    Don't forget to watch part 1: Blue Light Toxicity:


    Melanopsin: This is our blue light receptor. It was discovered in the eye in 1998 and in the skin in 2017. Our skin and eyes were meant to get blue light from natural sources- aka the Sun. Blue light from the sun is always balanced with red and the other colors of the spectrum. However, when it is just with artificial blue lights it has devastating effects on our eye health and our biology and the programs that we run within. Especially when it comes to sleep and our hormone melatonin.

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