• Cell Chaos- Morning Sun Part 10

    Cell Chaos- Morning Sun Part 10

    In the United States we are going through a cold spell. It's been about 2-3 weeks since I've seen the grass…..other people's grass 🙂 I still shovel my grass for a good grounding spot. But even Texas right now is snowing and they don't know how to deal with it.

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    Cold thermogenesis works. Regardless of how you feel about the cold.

    In the video below that I shot in early January I talk about the benefits of cold exposure.

    Our skin and our eyes need to see that sun especially in the warmer months. However, when the temperature drops below 62 degrees farenheit (16 degrees celsius) our body and our master Circadian Clock the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus turns over to cold as it's main environmental sensor.

    But— and it's a BIG BUT!– if you live the life of an indoor zoo animal and live under your thermostat at 66-72 degrees then your body is getting the signal of a perpetual summer. This creates a circadian mismatch which creates cell chaos–which I'll discuss later.

    Vitamin D has been out where I live in Columbus, OH since 1/20/21. Be sure that you have the D Minder App. It will tell you how much Vitamin D you are making per minute based on your lattitude and time of the year.

    Cold thermogenesis and fat loss electrons jason yun

    Cold thermogenesis is one of the most beneficial things we can do. It basically is a reset for our battery. It drives energy production up. We have respiratory proteins inside of us. The distance between them is known as heteroplasmy and as it goes up then you can ensure you are losing energy and getting closer to dying.

    However, with cold we can actually stop the progression and reverse the direction; if we are doing some other things correctly and not living a toxic lifestyle. Sun will also help us do that as well especially when it is more powerful in the spring and summer.

    Oxygen deprivation is associated with every disease and every death. 2-3 minutes without it you are basically brain dead. Electrons are the sub-atomic particle that nature or evolution or God or whoever you choose to believe in chose to drive our biology. Electrons enter and travel through the mitochondria through electron chain transport where they ultimately reduce down to oxygen to create more electrons and the process repeats.

    Dr. Jack Kruse and Jason Yun MitochondriacsIt is a quantum process. So anything that affects oxygen will affect the human and will affect the cell. The cell is us. We have 100's of trillions of cells and 10's-1000's of mitochondria in each cell. Without the proper mechanisms (oxygen, sunlight, DHA, etc….) then those cells experience chaos. Chaos for the cell is inflammation. Inflammation leads to every disease known to man. Your environment decides which genes get turned on (Epi-Genetics) and hence which disease you get. Or diseases.

    But all that chaos can be reversed. Diseases can be reversed.

    Cold is one way we can do that.

    If you are cold all the time then you know your mitochondria suck and are experiencing cell chaos.

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    Fix that.

    If you don't know how let me show you the way.

    The 34-Day Light Challenge is my introductory course. See it down below.

    My 17-step mitochondriac guide gives a brief overview of the main things to do. See it down below.

    We are stardust. We come from stars. Our life star is the sun. Nature is never wrong. Man is wrong all the time. Greed clouds man's judgments. Nature simply is, has no greed, no ego, is here for all that will embrace it. Will that be you?

    Author: Jason Yun

    34-Day Light Challenge. Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!

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