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    Blue Light Filter For Computer- Hilliard, Ohio Group Personal Training

    Iris Vs. F.lux.?? Blue Light Filter for your computer?? (not optional)

    As you can see in the video Iris, the blue light filter, does a much better job of taking the blue light out of my computer screen.

    I usually keep my Iris setting at 17 during the day which is 1105 Kelvin and 0 at night time. With F.lux the lowest I can make it is 2700. Solar noon is about 5500 kelvin, and sunrise is about 1800 kelvin. Sunset is about 16,000 to give you some perspective.

    With that if the first thing I see in the morning is my computer using the blue light filter F.lux then that is a huge circadian mismatch for my eye. It's even bigger if the first thing you see is your phone without a filter on it. Wake up at 600 am and the blue light from the phone is telling you it is 12 pm.

    Remember your circadian biology is the number 1 thing for your health. You can watch my 13 pillars of health webinar here:
    13 Pillars of Health: #1 is circadian biology- Trumps Food and Exercise!!!

    Join me for the blue light seminar on March 14th in Hilliard, OH. Webinar to follow shortly after. Blue Light Toxicity- How Blue Light Ages Us & Makes Us Sick and Fat 

    Blue light is a big cause for every single disease that you have ever heard of (or not heard of). If you think your health is just dependent on food and exercise think again. Drop your dogma and watch your health and life change. However, you must keep educating yourself and that is what I am here to do.


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