• Ketogenic Diet Challenge Results- 47-Day Keto

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    keto 47 with bacon sauasage- Ketogenic Diet Challenge

    Down below are the results and some reflection sheet answers for the 2nd ever 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge! You can see the results for the 1st ever Ketogenic Diet challenge here

    This was the second 47-day Ketogenic Diet Challenge that Improvement Warrior Fitness has put on. More will definitely be coming with the exceptional results and life changes people have made because of it. 

    Please keep in mind that this is not a weight loss challenge. Weight, fat, and inches lost will be a by-product of this style and plan of nutrition. But it’s main goal is to rid your body of the cravings for bad stuff– sugar and refined/processed carbs (breads, grains, pasta, cereal, etc….) Our hope is to teach you an eating plan you can stick with for life and never, ever have to diet again- because diets don’t work for long-term health and body composition- EVER!

    To check out the actual 47-Day Keto Challenge for Improvement Warrior’s and to enter yourself please click here. 


    Congrats to everybody that participated but especially to those who completed the whole challenge and made the necessary changes to thrive in the years and decades to come!

    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be The Improvement Warrior!


    Measurements and Pictures (in no particular order)- Leave a comment below with who you think should win.

    Connie T.

    Ketogenic Diet transformation challenge Jason Yun

     -Down 2.9% | Down 5.1 mm of fat in waist | Down 2.2 mm of fat in thigh



    Jane K. 

    Weight- 264- 239.5 = 24.5 pounds down Chest 44-37= -7 Waist 47-38.5= -8.5 Hips 55-46.5= -8.5 Neck 15-13 = -2 Arms 35.5-28.5= -7 Thighs 51-41 = -10 Calves 36.5- 33= -.3.5 Total Inches lost= 46.5

    Weight- Lost 24.5 pounds
    Chest 44-37= -7
    Waist 47-38.5= -8.5
    Hips 55-46.5= -8.5
    Neck 15-13 = -2
    Arms 35.5-28.5= -7
    Thighs 51-41 = -10
    Calves 36.5- 33= -.3.5
    Total Inches lost= 46.5 (actual per contest measurements = 36.25″)


    Somer M

    Lose fat and gain mental clarity with ketones

    Weight- Lost 17.8
    Neck 15.6- 15.3= -.3
    Chest 54-51.4 = -2.6
    Arm 19.5- 18.6 = -.9
    Waist- 49.7-46.7 = -3.0
    Hip 56.7- 54.6= -2.1
    Thigh 31.4- 30.2= -1.2
    Calf 21.9- 21.8 = -.1
    Total Inches lost= 10.2


    Mark G

    Before after keto low carb high fat

    Weight- 279- 259= -20
    Neck – 20- 16.6= -.3.4
    Chest- 48- 44.7= -3.3
    Arm- 18- 15.1= -2.9
    Thigh- 26- 26.6= +.6
    Waist- 46- 43.2= -2.8
    Hip- 49.5- 46.2- -3.3
    Calf- 19- 17.5= -1.5
    Total inches lost- 16.6″

    Josh H 

    Low carb high fat diet nutrition

    Weight- 219-205= 14 pounds
    Neck 15.8-15.6= -.2
    Chest 43.2-42.1 = -1.1
    Arm 13.2-13.3= +.1
    Thigh 25.2-24.5= -.7
    Waist 41.5-39.1 = -2.4
    Hip 44.9-43 = -1.9
    Calf- 15.6- 15.2= -.4
    Total inches lost= 6.6″

    Lauren H

    47-day ketogenic diet challenge for health

    Weight= -15.8 pounds
    Neck- 15.1- 14.6= -.5
    Chest 47.7- 45 = -.2.0
    Arm 14-12.8= -1.2
    Waist 41-38.8= -2.2
    Hips 52.4-50.5= -1.9
    Thigh- ????
    Calf- 17.4-17.3 = -.1
    Total inches lost= 7.9

    Juana H 

    keto transformation low carb improvement warrior fitness

    Weight- Down 3 Pounds
    Neck 12.9-12.5= -.4
    Chest 36- 36.1 = -.1
    Arm- 11.2- 11.3= +.1
    Thigh 22.2-21.7 = -.5
    Waist- 33.5-33.4= -.1
    Hip- 39-38.5 = -.5
    Calf- 14.5-14.8 = +.3
    Total inches lost 1.2″
    Total body fat lost= 1.7%

    Gary T. 

    low carb high fat diet challenge by jason yun

    Body Fat- 27.2- 22.7= -4.5%
    Weight- 225- 215= -10
    Neck 16.2- 15.6= -..6
    Chest- 46.2- 44.2 = -2.0
    Arm- 13.6- 14.2= +.6
    Thigh 23.5-23.2= -.3
    Waist- 46-43.9= -2.1
    Hip- 42.6- 42.9= +.3
    Calf- 16-15.9= -.1
    Total inches lost= 4.6″


    Cynthia J

    transformation nutrition contest from Improvement warrior fitness

    Weight- -9 pounds
    Neck 14-13.1 = -.9
    Chest 44- 44.8= +.8
    Arm- 11.5- 11.1= -.4
    Thigh- 22- 24.9= +2.9
    Waist 40- 37.7 = -2.3
    Hip 48- 46.9 = -1.1
    Calf- 14.5- 15.2= +.6
    Total Inches lost- -.4 (please note her 1st measurements were not done by us 🙂

    Starla B. 

    improvement warrior fitness weight loss

    Weight: Lost 8 pounds
    Neck- 12.8-12.6= -.2
    Arm 12.2- 11.8= -.4
    Chest 38.5-37.6= -.9
    Waist 34.8- 34.1= -.7
    Hips 44.8- 43.5= -1.3
    Thigh 26.5- 24.6= -1.9
    Calf 14.2- 14.3= +.1 | Total Inches lost 5.3″



    Reflection Sheets  

    What were you fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in the 47-Day Keto Challenge?

     Cynthia J:
    My fears and concerns were at the time I started that I would not be able to finish the challenge. I was very concerned that I could not drink tea or coffee without any sugar. As well as give up bread and pasta which I love.
    My diet before was all over the place. One day I would eat a salad in the next I would load up on pasta and bread.
    Gary T:
    Feared my own lack of willpower. I love pizza, Mexican food, beer, and fast food.
    Debbie K:
    I was concerned about finding enough things to eat.  I had been gluten free for a couple of years and that was an adjustment.  Eating so much fat was a very foreign idea.  I wondered how I would adopt that lifestyle.
    Josh H:
    Primarily the timeframe – 47 days seemed like a long time and we are regualr restaurant goers. Also we would drink alcohol multiple times a week.

    Were you pleased with the support that was provided for this Challenge?

    Although I did not partake in some of the support during this challenge it was nice to know it was available.
    I enjoyed reading the posts of suggestions from others on Facebook.
    Gary T:

    Yes. I received prompt responses to all my questions. Enjoyed reading the FB group

    Debbie K:
    The support for the challenge was amazing.  I particularly enjoyed following along on Facebook to learn about recipes and what other people were eating and experiencing.
    Josh H:
    Yes, we had a good resource system with any questions.

    Were you pleased with the 47-Day Keto Challenge Manual? How did you use it? Anything missing?

    Cynthia J:

    The manual contained a wealth of information. A little overwhelming to view at first but great tool to refer to our used for recipes in the guidelines to follow.

    Gary T:

    Yes, I read it twice and will continue to refer to it moving forward

    Debbie K:
    The manual was helpful but almost too comprehensive in one sitting.  I read it 3 times and still didn’t digest it all.
    Josh H:
    Looked good.

    What positive “side effects” did you notice during the Keto Challenge?

    Cynthia J:

    One of the main reasons I decided to do this particular challenge was for health reasons. I constantly had sinus issues. I change diets so many times that this one seemed to be the key. To be able to give up sugar, carbs, and dairy at the same time. I am happy to say since doing this challenge I have not had any sinus issues.

    Note: Full fat dairy is allowed on Keto, although some people do better without it. 

    Gary T

    Learned to enjoy healthier foods. I lost the cravings for bread, sugar, and other sweets. I was never hungry.

    Debbie K:
    I felt much less bloated eating Keto.  My pants started to get baggy and I finally had a waist.  My energy was amazing and my thoughts were clear.  In general I felt really good and slept very well.
    Josh H.:
    Bloat went down, energy up. I used to feel quite grossy from time to time and that is gone.

    What would you say to a friend considering the Keto Challenge at Improvement Warrior Fitness?


    It is well worth signing up and completing the challenge. It will make you look at food differently and also the way you eat. You will try new recipes and it will help you save money as well. This is in part the fact that you will have to prepare Majority of your meals.

    Gary T

    Best “diet” I’ve ever tried. Taught me a new way of eating. You will never feel hungry and don’t need to worry about counting calories

    It is worth it to give it a try! I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food during this challenge.

    Debbie K:
    I would tell anyone to keep an open mind, especially if they’ve tried to lose weight or inches without success using other eating approaches.  Keto is unconventional but effective.
    Josh H:
    You have nothing to lose and you will adjust to the diet quickly.

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about the Keto Challenge?


    In the beginning of this challenge the costs to get started with supplies, Healthy butters, etc. Was a little overwhelming. However once the initial investment is done you can work your eating plan around it and on a nice budget.

    Debbie K:
    I wish I had taken the time to understand calculating net grams of fat and kept a better food journal.  I would have benefitted by acquiring the tools necessary to know if I was in ketosis.

    Will you be continuing with the ketogenic lifestyle? If not what will you be doing instead?

    Cynthia J:

    I will try to continue the keto lifestyle going forward even though it makes it very difficult when no one in the household is doing it as well.

    I am constantly preparing different meals to accommodate the different eating habits. However, I plan to continue regardless.

    Gary T

    Yes. While the manual was very helpful, I will continue reading and learning about the keto  lifestyle

    Debbie K:
    I will continue with the ketogenic lifestyle.

    Favorite Recipe:


    Coming soon!



    And the  winner is:

    You Pick the winner! Leave your comment down below with who you think should be the winner of the 2nd Keto Challenge! 

     The partner team will be announced shortly after the individual winner is chosen.


    1. Starla
      March 15, 2016 at 3:08 am

      Everyone looks great!

      • March 15, 2016 at 2:18 pm

        Who are you voting for?

    2. Jane
      March 15, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Jane K

      • March 15, 2016 at 2:18 pm

        Jane, you can’t vote for yourself. Sorry

      • Jane Kuberski
        March 16, 2016 at 2:58 am

        IT was worth a try!
        I vote for Somer M then

    3. Beth
      March 15, 2016 at 12:22 pm

      I vote for Connie T as the winner. Great job everyone.

    4. Jeannie
      March 15, 2016 at 12:41 pm

      Everyone did an awesome job! But, my vote goes to Mark G!

    5. Cynthia
      March 15, 2016 at 1:13 pm

      Great Job everyone. I vote for Jane K

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