• 47-Day Keto Challenge Reflection & Winner- Columbus, Ohio

    keto 47 with bacon sauasage

    Down below are the results and reflection sheet answers for the 1st ever 47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge!

    This was the first 47-day Ketogenic Diet Challenge that Improvement Warrior Fitness has put on. More will definitely be coming with the exceptional results and life changes people have made because of it. 

    Please keep in mind that this is not a weight loss challenge. Weight, fat, and inches lost will be a by-product of this style and plan of nutrition. But it’s main goal is to rid your body of the cravings for bad stuff– sugar and refined/processed carbs (breads, grains, pasta, cereal, etc….) Our hope is to teach you an eating plan you can stick with for life and never, ever have to diet again- because diets don’t work for long-term health and body composition- EVER!

    To check out the actual 47-Day Keto Challenge for Improvement Warrior’s and to enter yourself please click here. 

    Based on the feedback from some of the reflection sheets we will be adding to our resources and Keto manual:

    1. Getting the family on board and enjoying the recipes
    2. In order to get support you need to ask for it. Just hoping others have the same question as you do will not get your issues resolved 🙂
    3. On-The-Go Keto options when you are rushed

    Congrats to everybody that participated but especially to those who completed the whole challenge and made the necessary changes

    Stay Strong, Stay Positive, Be The Improvement Warrior!

    Reflection Sheets  

    What were you fears/concerns when you first decided to participate in the 47-Day Keto Challenge?

    I was excited to start and am still on the diet. My problem before was I just couldn’t seem to get committed after going the BB (bodybuilding) low carb low fat for so long
    Anonymous 2:
    Goes against everything I’ve ever heard about nutrition. What to eat? Cannot eat fish. How could I go without sugar? Diet before was standard: meat veggies and carbs at every meal, no milk, dessert a couple of times a week, sugar in coffee & tea
    Edward Bennett:
    Being able to stay on it the whole 47 days, and not snack on unwanted items during the day. Diet before was more fruits and low calorie snacks and meals.
    Erin Haas:
    I was concerned I wouldn’t experience enough variety in my diet. Not just eliminating sugar, but also gluten and carbs, I knew would be a whole new experience since I’ve never tried just eliminating/lowering one. Before, I ate a steady diet of veggies, eggs, chicken, rice or a starch, oats, and my weakness was cereal and the temptation of desserts (mostly outside of my home).
    Jeannie Porter:
    Not finishing.
    I am eating more veggies and trying to eat less carbs!
    Julie Donato:

    My biggest fear was being able to reduce my carbs. A large portion of my diet was carbs and I worried that I wouldn’t have enough foods like I liked left to eat. I was worried about giving them up and all at once. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that giving them up wasn’t as big of a struggle as I expected mostly because I quickly saw the advantages of reducing my carbs. I had more energy, my huger level decreased and I didn’t have anymore “crashes” after meals. And rediscovered foods that are good for you AND taste good too. I didn’t feel deprived.

    LaVina White:

    I’m a self proclaimed foody. I’ll try something at least once. But I wasn’t a junk food eater or snacker. Although I did endulge every once in a while it wasn’t something I did on a regular. I was afraid I’d have too many food restrictions until I found out what the diet was all about. I’m a big bread lover. That was my biggest craving was breads..


    Scott MB Corbin:

    My diet before was not good, I didn’t have a set eating pattern or pay attention to nutrition. My biggest fear/concern was that I wouldn’t lose any weight on this. I had tried Atkins many years ago, and it worked up to about 20 pounds lost, but I hit a wall. I was worried the same thing would happen.

    Were you pleased with the support that was provided for this Challenge?

    I am truly amazed at the support you and everyone show each other
    Anonymous 2:
    yes. Nice group & Jason was always there to offer suggestions. This was a good experience and as long as I planned ahead and spent Sunday afternoon cooking and packaging foods for the week, it was good.
    Edward Bennet:
    Very pleased with the support of others during this process, as well as all the recipes shared. It was fun reading the comments from others
    Erin Haas:
    Yes! Starting off with the education, the Facebook group, and shared recipes were all very helpful!
    Jeannie Porter:
    The support was amazing!
    Every challenge always has wonderful support, recipes and suggestions.
    Julie Donato

    Yes. Jason answered any question that I asked and the facebook group was great for gaining more insight, tips and recipes.

    LaVina White:
    It was great seeing the different recipes people posted.
    Scott Corbin:

    I was happy with the support. Changing everything can be overwhelming, seeing what other people were doing made it more manageable. I made several of the recipes in the recipe book, the pecan fat bombs are amazing.

    Were you pleased with the 47-Day Keto Challenge Manual? How did you use it? Anything missing?

    Anonymous 2:

    The manual was a helpful resource. I disagree on the no keto strips, though. For new people who don’t want to invest in the ketonix, the strips (cut in half lengthwise to save money) help give confirmation that you’re doing it right. I understand that they are not accurate after your body adjusts to burning fat instead of glucose. I found them helpful to know that I couldn’t eat green & red peppers or carrots or too much protein.The other thing I found helpful was to track everything I ate (fat, protein, carbs & calories and with the grams & percentages). The ‘MyFitnessPal’ app was awesome since their database is huge and has lots of keto foods already listed. Guessing doesn’t work with keto (for me).


    Very pleased, I looked back to this many times to make sure I was doing things correctly and to find where I may have made my errors. Great recipes to help get me going.


    Yes. I can’t think of additional materials at this time. It was a nice starter reference, as well as something to use when in doubt.


    The manual was well put together, no problems and nothing missing.

    Julie D:

    Yes, it was great at the beginning of the challenge to learn all about Keto and about what was ahead. I wish that I had gone back and reviewed the manual every two weeks as there is so much information that I wasn’t able to retain from my reading at the beginning.

    Anonymous 1:

    I was not able to attend the workshop. The manual was okay but some additional sample menus to help stick to the plan would have been helpful. Recipes were good but plans that incorporate everyday food that doesn’t require special preparation would have been helpful.


    The manual was good. Not sure if I can think of anything off the top of my head.


    Scott C:

    Yes, it was a good reference. It was a bit long, but useful.

    What positive “side effects” did you notice during the Keto Challenge?

    Anonymous 2:

    Wasn’t hungry, which was wonderful.
    Didn’t realize that not


    Clothes started to fit better. I was not hungry so much. Enjoyed all the healthy foods as well as increased my night time energy. As I lost weight it made me feel better.


    Although getting started left me pretty tired, after 10 days, I started to feel great. I did notice clearer skin, fitting better into tight clothing, improved sense of well-being (definitely) and also noticed my frequent headaches weren’t so frequent if existent at all during the challenge.

    Jeannie P:

    Before I came down with sinusitis and bronchitis I was feeling great!

    Julie D:

    I definitely had more energy during the challenge. It was nice to not have the highs and (mostly) lows that I was experiencing with my previous eating habits. Almost immediately I felt that I lost a lot of bloating that I had been carrying around and that was nice a very nice benefit. By the end, my clothes fit better. One of the biggest benefits that I feel from this challenge was psychological. I finally got to a point where I understood that it is possible to have a healthy relationship with food and no longer be ruled by food.

    Anonymous 1:

    Yes there were several means of support– email, facebook


    I definitely noticed my clothes fit better. There were some shirts I had in my closet I never wore because of how they fit and I was able to wear them with ease so that was a plus for me.



    Clothes are fitting better, did see decrease in acne. I actually do enjoy some vegetables now, which I didn’t before.

    What would you say to a friend considering the Keto Challenge at Improvement Warrior Fitness?

    Anonymous 2:

    Give it a try. Read about it–the research backs it up even though most nutrition experts are still on a low fat, okay to use fake sugar kick.
    Also ease in to it by reducing carbs and sugars for a couple of weeks–it felt kinder to the body to do it that way.
    Buy nitrate-free bacon


    You need to do this!! It has helped me already, and I am staying with it. Make sure you keep the support of others, and try new recipes!


    I highly recommend it. Through the weeks I’ve been able to educate many friends and family about the diet. While I enjoyed more time in the kitchen prepping my keto meals, I know it’s maybe not as easy of a lifestyle change for everyone. Especially those whose aren’t willing to spend time in the kitchen. It was hard to find on-the-go keto options (without you making them).


    Go for it!


    It is worth it to give it a try! I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food during this challenge.


    Even if you’re not one to stick with a diet this was simple enough because there wasn’t a big emphasis on counting calories, etc. Having a group of people going through the same thing was also a big help.



    Do it, jabroni!

    Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about the Keto Challenge?

    Anonymous 2:

    It’s hard to drink enough water, but if you don’t the constipation kicks in. Also, the leg and foot cramps are brutal (since bananas, my biggest potassium source, are banned due to the high sugar content).


    I loved it and am very thankful that I have made it 47 days, and I will make it many more. Thank you!


    I’m so grateful for the experience. I’m disappointed I had several cheat moments and would have to try resetting after that, but it’s shown me the ups and downs and why I’d like to try continuing Keto.


    Unfortunately I had some health issues, stress from work and some depression that I let take a hold of me and I did not finish the challenge. I did great in the beginning but then I hated what I was eating, I got sick, didn’t want to eat, had issues with my legs cramping so I just gave up! Not the way to be an “Improvement Warrior” at all! I just couldn’t seem to get myself back on track and had no desire to eat my favorite (good foods) at all, they made me sick to look at them! Instead of trying other things or even asking for help, I quit! I wish I hadn’t as I have fallen back into some old habits but I will pull myself back up again!


    As mentioned above, it was a great learning experience. Initially I was so worried about reducing my carbs that I missed important information about fat intake amounts. I concentrated so much on the percentages of carbs to protein to fat that I missed that my fat intake was supposed to be at a certain amount.   I really wish I would have regularly reviewed the material as I’m sure there are other pieces that I could have benefited from with a review.


    I lost 10 lbs from this challenge. I admit I snuck a bite of my son’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches once or twice but I was able to stick with the challenge for the most part.



    Don’t overeat. Stick with the idea of eating the fats and proteins, but don’t use that as an excuse to gorge yourself on meat.

    Will you be continuing with the ketogenic lifestyle? If not what will you be doing instead?

    Anonymous 2:

    Modified. Still eating fat and avoiding breads and most carbs, but added back in some of the fruits and veggies that kick me out of ketosis. Also not drinking any beverages with sugar, so sticking with mostly water with lemon.


    I will continue, I have more weight to lose, and I love eating the right foods. This isn’t a diet, it is a change for the better.


    I plan to. However, with some key celebratory life moments approaching near the end of summer (wedding – yay!), I may find myself in a tricky position. I just hope to strengthen my will power. Even if I do cheat, I need to learn that it’s not all down hill that day. One slip can be just one.


    Not at this time. It was a lot for me to take in and change all at once and I couldn’t get the family on board at all. So together, as a family we are sitting down, discussing what we like, what we can do without and how we can work together!


    The thing I struggled with the most was getting enough fat in during this challenge and I don’t know if I am up for continuing that fight. I got better by the end and plan to continue at that level. I am going to try to play with my carb intake by trying out some net carb scenarios (I really miss fruit) and see if I can still maintain a level of keto. It might kick me out. Either way, I’m definitely not going back to the way I was eating. Processed carbs and sugars are eliminated and I’m not going back.   I feel too good with them eliminated from my diet.


    I plan on continuing with the Keto lifestyle.



    I think so. No plans on stopping anytime soon.

    Favorite Recipe:


    Keto Pumpkin Pancakes, and the Fat Bombs were my favorite. I make these every 2 weeks.


    I tend to cook more on a whim than by recipe. So some of my favorites were sauteed squash and zucchini in grassfed butter, bacon wrapped chicken thighs, scrambled eggs with cream cheese.


    Mine was a “throw it all together” recipe – Eggs, EVOO/KGB (extra virgin olive oil/kerry gold butter), mushrooms, sweet peppers, salsa, salt & pepper and which ever meat you wanted. Cook the meat & eggs, add everything else and top with cheese!

    Anonymous 2: 




    http://www.ruled.me/hunger-buster-low-carb-bacon-frittata/ but use heavy whipping cream instead of half & half

    http://paleomg.com/banana-vanilla-bean-pancakes-with-mixed-berry-compote/ but skipped the honey and vanilla bean pod. make small so easier to flip




    And the winner is:

    Julie Donato!

    Keto diet for fat loss and health with Improvement warrior fitness

    Before/ After
    – Neck 14/14
    – Arm 13.5/12.75 -.75″
    – Chest 46.5/43.25 -3.25″
    – Waist 39.75/38.5 -1.25″
    – Hips 44.75/43.25 -1.50″
    -Thigh 25.5/24.25 -1.25″
    -Calf 16/15.5 -.5″
    -Weight -7.6 pounds
    -Total inches lost 8.5″


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