• Don’t Piss Your Greatness Away!

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    So this article spawns from a  situation that occurred late in March.

    I always try and take every situation as a lesson. A lesson to learn, get stronger, grow from and never let it happen again.

    One of the big things in my life is that I take personal responsibility for everything that happens to me—— it has caused me to basically be more in control of my life. Unfortunately, I can’t see what else I could of done for this situation to have made it correct.

    There are certain people who will always feel like the world owes them something. And they will never change until they are ready.

    I realize nothing I say or write or make a video of will ever change somebody, unless they are truly ready to change.

    Yea, it might motivate somebody to do something, make some kind of change… but unless that motivation stays around forever it’s not going to stick. And motivation always wanes…. ALWAYS…… that’s why I always say it’s super important to have goals, written out and viewed daily.

    But anyway onto the story……

    The story is about a girl named Janice (Janice’s name has been changed, but I am going to send this personally to her. At the end of this post, I’m calling Janice out).

    Janice registered for Improvement Warrior Fitness’ 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program on 3/20/15. The program consists of 21-days of training at IWF, including all of our training from group fitness, saturday classes and yoga classes. It also includes a body fat test done through Ultra Sound before and after the 21-days, a 21-day nutrition guide, meal plan, and goal session. All of this for just $21. It’s a pretty sweet deal. You can sign up for it here if you are a new client.

    Results vary depending on how much a person follows through on the program, but our 2 latest graduates of the program: #1 lost 2.3% body fat, 7 pounds and 4.1 inches. #2 lost 3.52% body fat, 4 pounds, and 2 inches. Not bad for 21-days. And they’re both continuing— that’s the most important part. Progress is made inch by inch.

    Again Janice registered and paid for hers immediately. So Janice was obviously motivated to change something about her life, body, and health. The first step is usually the hardest and that’s acknodglement or awareness that there is a problem. Fat loss program in Columbus, OH for women

    Then the second step of reaching out for help is just as hard and sometimes harder for some. But Janice did that as well.

    But then somewhere along the way, the motivation waned. Just like I mentioned it always does.

    After one makes the payment for the 21-day program, you then receive the following email:

    Improvement Warrior Fitness
    Important Things Included in this Email
    Keep this email!!!


    • Schedule Link For your Success & Body Fat Session
    • Your 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program Manual and Recipe Book
    • How to take your measurements
    • Tracking Sheet (turn in at end of contest)
    • 21-day Challenge Grocery List
    Your Transformation  Is About To Start, Janice!
    Hello, Janice!

    Please email me back with at least 5 times and a few days over the next couple of weeks you are available to meet.
    I typically will meet people at their office or home (as long as you are within the 270 outlay). I will also meet at either of our studios (Hilliard or Downtown).
    So let me know where you’d like to meet as well.

    At this session we will take your body fat and girth measurements and go over your big goals (nutrition, fitness, body, health, etc….) and I will also take you through our screen. 

    Don’t wait! Reply back today!


    Janice responded to that email as follows:

    From: Janice
     Reply: Janice
     Date: March 20, 2015 at 1:58:12 PM
     To: jyun@yunbootcamps.com >
     Subject: RE: Schedule Your Success Session, Janice
    Tuesday 9:10am,11am,Friday 8am, 9am ,Saturday 8am-noon,



    We corresponded back and forth but couldn’t really find a date to meet, so I eventually just called her and set up a meeting over the phone to meet at our new Downtown Studio at the Ethical Arts Collective (566 W Rich st. Columbus 43215)

    Well guess what?

    Janice didn’t show up 🙁

    She didn’t even call, or email or text, or tweet, or facebook message. results are determined by working hard at improvement warrior fitness

    I called her 3 times while there. I stayed for over an hour waiting. I had somethings to do there, so I wasn’t just twitting my thumbs.

    I followed up with her the following week as well.

    But heard nothing from her.

    Then today I got a letter from my merchant processor saying that she had filed a dispute with her credit card company saying that the charge for the 21-day program was unrecognized and fraudulent.

    That is what prompted me to write this, otherwise I would of just kept following up with her to meet for her success session.

    When people have no respect for other people’s time it means, at least to me, that they have no respect for themselves.

    Time is our most precious commodity. Once it is gone you can’t get it back. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s dreamed of going to back to certain moments or time periods in my life to re-live them with everything I know now. But I realize that to at least me that is stupid. Because everything that I have experienced in my life so far as led to what I am today.

    All the hardships, all the lessons, all the stupid things I did, all the things I didn’t do but wanted to because I was afraid——— have led to me RIGHT NOW!

    Right now I am the strongest version of myself. And YOU ARE TOO!

    And I can either get stronger or I get weaker with the actions that I take in this moment and in the moments that follow. Because life is simply made up of moments.

    You decide how to live those moments.

    ‘There are no ordinary moments.’ 
    -Dan Millman 
    The Peaceful Warrior

    Right now Janice is the strongest version of herself. At this moment. But when she decided not to show up for success session she took a step back and became weaker. What will she do now to become stronger?

    What will YOU do to become a stronger YOU?

    And when I say ‘stronger’ and ‘weaker’ version of you, I don’t just mean physically. I mean the 6 Positive Strengths that we talk about all the time in my Mindtamer program:

    1. Physical
    2. Nutritional
    3. Mental
    4. Emotional
    5. Spiritual
    6. Intuitive

    You decide!

    You decide every moment.

    Some people take two steps forward and one back. Some are just stepping backwards all the time.

    In order to move forward you need to know your WHY.

    Why are you here? Why are you doing the things you’re doing? What do you ultimately want in your life?

    Until you figure out those questions, then nothing that you do will ever make you happy or satisfied. No amount of reading or watching or listening to motivational things to get you inspired will ever work. Because you don’t know where you are going.

    So where are you going?

    I found this habits quote from Tom Corley’s blog. I think it’s the perfect way to end this post. Because habits dominate our lives, even if we don’t think so.

    Why are habits so important? Here’s why. What you do every day matters. Consistency drives success, failure or mediocrity in life. Your actions, on a daily basis, determine if you will succeed, fail or just get by. Those who succeed in life, consistently avoid bad habits and consistently follow good habits. Those who fail in life consistently avoid good habits and consistently follow bad habits. Those who get by in life are inconsistent in their application of good habits and bad habits. Consistency forges a life of success, failure or mediocrity. Habits, by definition, are consistent, repetitive behaviors we engage in frequently. Many are daily habits, some are weekly, a few monthly. According to a 2006 Duke Study, 40% of all of our daily activities are habits. So, yes, habits are important. In fact, our habits dictate what social strata we will occupy in life. 

    And here is a great video from the Ultimate Warrior (RIP). Explicit language. But remember find your why then Go For It!

    And to Janice and all the Janice’s out there, I’m calling you out. Your welcome to set up your success session with me once again. I’m over the fraud charge, I have forgiven you. If I mis-interrupted your situation please forgive me and explain.

    My WHY is to help people figure out that there truly is greatness inside of each and every single person and to help bring it to the forefront so that they can change their lives and then change the lives of those around them.

    I didn’t realize it was inside of me, it was pushed so far down, and it took some major issues to bring it out! But it’s out and I’m not apologizing for who I am and who I want to help YOU become!

    Let me know your thoughts below.

    Need help getting the body you want?

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