• Cold Thermogenesis Walks With Yun

    Cold Thermogenesis Walks With Yun

    Cold Thermogenesis walks with jason yun Just got out of my cold tub, so cold is very much on my mind. It was 50 degree water today, coldest of the season so far. Warming up with my sweats and a hot cup of green tea, getting ready for my leg workout in a couple hours.

    But I wanted to share and invite you out for my Sunday Cold Thermogenesis Walks With Yun starting November 7th.

    Come walk with Yun and his dogs in the cold, in nature around his neighboorhood in New Albany.

    Bring your kids, brings your dogs, bring your questions about cold thermogenesis, light (good light & bad light), nutrition, fitness, water, nnEMF, sleep, etc….

    The purpose of this CT walk is twofold:
    1. to expose your body and eyes to the sunlight & cold weather so your mitochondria feels the winter rather than living an indoor perpetual spring/summer.
    2. to answer your questions about health and implement an action plan Living indoors especially when it is the coldest and hottest outside is one of the biggest circadian mismatches we as humans face especially when you consider that we first evolved living in caves and wearing nothing.

    So much has changed in our environment to the point we face multiple health epidemics from obesity to diabetes to Alzheimer's to Heart disease to cancer to autommunity to respiratory issues and the list goes on and on.

    Wear what you want. Yun will be in shorts and shirtless with a hat and gloves. The most important areas to protect are the extremities- head, hands, feet. The important thing when starting CT outside is wear layers and take them off as your body and mitochondria adjust.

    Our mitochondria is SUPPOSED to be our HEAT ENGINE, unfortunately many people's engine doesn't work. Some may feel cold all the time. This is not good and is a sign that health is fading fast.
    Jason Yun cold therapy new albany, ohio
    Come and walk with Yun and fix that.

    Invite your friends, family, co-workers. Very little traffic where I live so many people can all come together.

    Cost is $5 per person each walk or $10 per family. Bundle walk packages available. Come every week. Practice CT during the week. Watch your body, health and mind transform this fall/winter.

    You can RSVP here

    Walk Tickets are available here.

    The journey of health is now, let me know if you need any help.

    34-Day Light Challenge. Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!

    34-day light challenge by jason yun mitochondriac


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