• Calories In Vs. Calories Out- A Mitochondrial View

    Calories In Vs. Calories Out- A Mitochondrial View

    From the mind of Dr. Jack Kruse, re-written by Jason Yun to make sense out of it 😉

    Calories in calories out does not work.

    Average adult consumes 2700 calories a day or about 1 million a year.

    If you store just 21 cals per day you would gain 2 lbs a year or 20 lbs a decade–depening on the food that is like 1-5 bites. Then if you burn off 149 calories but the 150th went to fat storage you are pre-ordained to get fat. So based off that you have 99.2% chance of balancing Calories in calories out (CICO) INcorrectly.

    A 99.2% chance of NOT balancing them correctly……now think about a week, a month, a year, a lifetime…….

    No wonder so many people are overweight and obese.

    People think CICO is what is needed for weight loss and calories become the enemy.

    Well with that the amount of nutrients that go in go DOWN, and hormones get trashed.

    All in the name of losing weight or body fat.

    Here is another way to look at calories!

    Food calories are not equal because all food is made up of electrons and protons and usually the same food carries different subatomic particles depending on what season it is.

    When a calorie is discussed in physics it is done in the framework of classical thermodynamics.

    Your mitchondria work in the quantum world. They are the most specialized quantum heat engines in the world.

    So food industry measures calories that come in contact with our mouth—-that is what you see on the food label. Yet the real transaction of food happens at the mitochondrial level where your Kreb's bicylce is.
    Then inside of our brain where our hypothalamus is, it cares about how the mitochondria in our cells our handling the energy and information that food is bringing in and that tells the hypothalamus whether or not that mitochondria need upgrading (autophagy/mitophagy) or recylcing (apoptosis).

    Then you have your gut microbiome. It is said we have about 100 trillion cells and then it is also said we have about 10 times that in bacteria. So sometimes a calorie will never ever be sensed since we have about 100 100 trillion bugs trying to eat too.

    Deuterium (which is heavy water) controls our metabolic rate by controlling the flux rate in our Kreb's bicycle– it has a quantum spin number of 1. Light hydrogen (water as most know it) has a spin of 1/2; which makes it highly mobile for cycle reactions and is one reason our mitochondria (and also chloroplasts inside plants) favor it over deuterium.

    Different food get metabolized over different rates by different tissues. This gets determined by the metabolic and respiratory rates of different tissues. It's also controlled by certain proteins of the MC. UCP-2 (uncoupling protein-2) is one that alters the amount of deuterium into the MC region to slow the rate of metabolism.

    This is like the settings on your phone. A lot of you still haven't changed the color settings to red and are staring at blue light which is affecting the respiratory and metabolic rate of your eyes and any organ/skin that is also exposed.

    All disease can ultimately be referred to as a lack of oxygen to certain tissues/organs.

    So you see the settings of your mitochondria are way more important than the fuel we are putting in.
    Really broken mitochondria that are incapable of apoptosis (cell suicide) makes people keep their bad engines. When you keep your bad engines things don't work- resulting in chaos. Chaos in the cell is inflammation. Inflammation is the start of all disease processes.

    sleep and mitochondria failure apoptosis

    Fats provide a huge amount of electrons and protons to the MC. But if the MC is broke then how can it handle it. This is why and where the ketogenic, LCHF, paleo type diets can fail people

    Your cells have to use information and energy to help turn food into ATP via the ATPase in your MC. Ultimately your cell loses energy in process but gains information as it occurs. This is the trade off. It's the information that can help program the settings of your mitochondria. If working correctly.





    Paleo and keto nutrition coach Jason Yun Columbus, OHNow there is a net energy loss when consuming carbohydrates– not as much electrons or protons compared to fat, so from a calorie perspective if all you do is just measure how many calories are in it with a calorimeter they both generate the same amount of heat but it has nothing to do with ATP or how ATP is made. Carbs make less deuterium depleted water in your MC compared to fat….a lot less, while also raising insuling levels and shuttling fat into your cells.

    Why should care about how much water your MC make?

    Dehydration of a cell means it doesn't work. We have 2 genomes- Nuclear DNA (genetics) and mitochondrial DNA. Most diseases today are affecting the mtDNA. Bad mitochondria, dehydrated mitcohondria means disease is coming if not fixed.

    Fortunately, most mitochondrial diseases are reversible. Unfortunately, not all people are curable.

    Calories in, calories out. Still feel the same way about calories?

    Here is a quick video going over my 2100+ calorie ‘breakfast' and some more information about calories and why/how they don't matter:



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