• Percentage Based Lifts with Wodify Fitness- Home Gym

    Percentage Based Lifts with Wodify Fitness- Home Gym

     Wanted to update you on the future of Wodify and FitRanX. FitRanX will be coming in later post. This blog post is going over percentage based lifts and will cover time between lifts in a future episode.
    Do you want the Wodify App that Jason Yun uses to train his physical and online clients and himself? 
    With Wodify and our current Strength Circuits we will be moving more towards a percentage-based exercise prescription.
    This only applies to current athletes who have performed one of our Primary Strength exercises at least twice before and RECORDED IT!
    Our Primary Strength exercises are any of the following variations
    • Squat
    • Hip Thrust
    • deadlift
    • RDL
    • pullup
    • row
    • pushup
    • overhead press
    • swings

    But really any exercise can be tracked in Wodify.

    So how a percentage-based performance will look is:

    let’s take a look at the squat.
    For ease let’s say your max squat is 100 pounds:
    1. Week 1 you select a weight that is 70% of your 1 Rep max, so 70 pounds for 7-8 reps.
    2. Week 2 80% for 5-6 reps (80 pounds)
    3. Week 3 85% for 4-5 reps (85 pounds)
    4. And so on……..

    Towards the end of the phase you should have a new PR (personal record). So let's say now you have a new PR of 105 pounds. Your 70% now of your 1 Rep Max will be heavier.

    See video below for description of percentage based training and rest between sets.

     Finding your percentage

    In wodify it makes it easy to find your percentages. You can go into the app under  My Performance, or in the actual workout, click on the exercise and your past performance will come up.
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    Or on the actual Desktop of Wodify (which is what I use most of the time) you can hover over any exercise that has a graph icon next to it and it will pull up all your past performance and percentages:
    Group fitness personal training
    The old way with recommended reps we still be listed on the Wodify App for the online training but not with the just the app.
    This will allow the body to recover quicker and progress quicker with a systematic progression for you gaining strength.
    The stronger you are the better you get at our conditioning (metcons), the better able you are to shape your body to how you want it to look (nutrition will also be major factor here), the faster you will be able to progress up the FitRanX levels, the more confidence you will be able to build, the better your balance will get, the better your coordination will get, the more you will start to think about all aspects of your health and the stronger your mind will get
    How an actual straight set may look in training. We will use the person's hip thrust from above as an example. Most times we won't have time to do 6 sets in one of our class sessions just for 1 exercise, which is an important reason to have a general idea of what weights you are going to use going into class. 
    Dublin, OH group strength & Conditioning metcons
    • Set 1: 125 pounds x 5 reps
    • Set 2: 150 pounds x 5 reps
    • Set 3: 200 pounds x 3 reps
    • Set 4: 235 pounds x 1-3 reps (with new PR hopefully)


    Viewing the FLOs before hand (Know Your Percentage beforehand)

    We will also be opening viewing period for the FLOs for one month in advance. So typically on 1st of the month you will be able to view all the workouts (Monday-Friday) ahead of time for the entire month. This will allow you to know what weights/reps you are attempting to achieve and what types of personal records you will be going for.
    This should get you excited for what is about to come and what you are about to achieve.
    Not everyday you will hit a new PR. That is perfectly ok. The more your training experience grows the less number of times you will hit a new PR. However, if you are not seeing consistent progress every month then we need to look at why that is. It could be related to several factors: Sleep, stress, not eating enough calories, eating the wrong types of foods, relationships, work, consistency with workouts, etc……

    Check in and Tracking of Wodify (Taking the App away from some people :( 

    If you know where you have been and what you have done before then it’s easier to see where we are going.
    Those of you who are checking in and tracking the exercises- Thank you.
    For those of you who are not checking in, or who are checking in and not tracking unfortunately we will be closing your wodify app account. You will still have access to the kiosk at the studio. This is a huge accountability, motivation and tracking tool. In order to be better then you were you first have to know what you have done in the past. If you are doing the same thing (weights, reps, time, etc….) as before then you can’t expect your body to change much.
    The exceptions to this rule are kids without phones or devices that allow for the download of the app, and trial clients.
    These new plans will be implemented the start of the next phase, 11.27.17.
    If you have any questions please let your coach know. 
    Look for even more updates as we take your body, soul, mind, and health to the next level. We're always improving at Improvement Warrior Fitness and we want you to improve even more then us. Look for a new post going more in depth into the actual rest to take between sets soon. 
    Do you want the Wodify App that Jason Yun uses to train his physical and online clients and himself? 

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