• The Road To The Better You [PART 2] (Improvement Warrior, Hilliard, OH)

    The Road To The Better You (Improvement Warrior Fitness, Hilliard, OH)

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    ?The road to a better you isn't even a road. It may start out looking like a road but it turns into a mountain? which turns into a Mudslide which turns into a tunnel which turns back into a Mudslide and turns back into a mountain and sometimes you feel like you're in an avalanche❄. Everyday you take your journey. Sometimes that Journey feels like it isn't moving at all. Unleashing the greatness within you is not about making 5% or 10% jumps or even 1% jumps forward. It's about moving .1%⏳⏳ or .000001% forward.

    It's doing that consistently that will change your life permanently. Fight through the dark times and fight through the hard times. It's a test. Life is a test. Only the ones that keep moving forward and keep testing themselves will prove victorious in the end. There will be plenty who get tested and quit. Or they get tested, they quit, they restart oh, they get tested again oh, and they quit again.

    That's not you and that's not me. We are Improvement Warriors!

    Fight for the life you want ????

    A failure I made this week. Failed at this weight twice that I previously crushed. Oh well. I'll be back!

    Better You is coming ??

    Focus on one thing when moving towards the better you!

    Pick the one thing that is going to move your life forward and replace that one thing with a negative habit. Stay on it because life is going to happen. That's why it's called life. Things happened to us all the time to derail us from our healthy habits that we're trying to create in our life to create a better life.

    So you are going to get sick, you were going to stub your toe, different parts of your body are going to hurt, people you love and care about are going to die or get sick, your car is going to break down, your phone is going to break down, Etc…. Don't let that stop you keep moving forward until you master it until it becomes a part of your life. Then pick another thing and repeat.

    Better You is Coming!

    Hilliard strength coach Jason Yun



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