• Should Keto Eating Be Same Year Round?

    Should Keto Eating Be Same Year Round?

    Halle Berry ketogenic diet challenge

    Challenge #9 starts up on May 28, 2019
    Day after Memorial Day

    Hey ~Contact.FirstName~!

    It's a beautiful Thursday morning. Make the best of it today. No Excuses! You are the only one who can make yourself and life better!

    Today I wanted to share with you some of the big changes that are going to be in the 9th edition of the keto challenge.

    One of the big ones, I posted a pic below of:

    Hilliard nutrition classes and sunlight ketogenic diet challenge for weight loss

    I just picked some random days in my myfitnesspal. As you can see in both the fat is high on both days which is one of Keto's mainstays.

    However, the carbs vary greatly.

    Why is that. Well, February 4th is in the Winter. May 20th is in the Spring.

    The time a human is supposed to be the leanest is in the winter. This is the time we are supposed to be truly keto.

    This is eating to your circadian biology. Eat seasonally and locally. Where I live nothing grows in the winter. Some of you may live in a climate where it warm all the time. No issues with that. However, you still need to eat seasonally and locally. Just because you can walk into a grovery store and buy it and eat it doesn't mean you should.

    Your circadian biology is the number 1 factor for your health. 

    Not how low you can get your carbs. Or how much fat you can eat. Or how many pounds of bacon you can eat in a week.

    I'm going to show you the best way to get started with circadian biology 101 in this challenge.

    Next Nutrients

    Nutrients over calories. However, calories is important. You can't eat like a rabbit and expect to be fueled for the daily tasks and average adult must do.

    But not just any nutrieitns.

    Brain nutrients.

    Because guess what?!

    If you are overweight, obese, have high blood pressure, brain fog, gut issues, indigestion, messed up hormone panel, low vitamin D, high bad cholesterol, etc…..  whatever the issue is more then likely it started in the brain.

    All diseases and symptoms of disease start with inflammation. Inflammation of the brain causes something to ‘break' inside you.

    So in order to help facilitate recovery the brain needs certain nutrients.

    Some people willl need more, some less. Because some people have dug a ditch for themselves that is 3 feet deep, others it's 23 feet deep.

    We will talk about those super important nutrients as well in this challenge. Some you know- from iodine to DHA to iron and many more. You got to get them!

    There is at least 3 other new things going in to this challenge but I don't want to ramble on and on. So let's end on………..


    Finally let's talk about attitude.

    This will take you far or leave you where you are (which will eventually leave you behind).

    I don't have the attitude that keto is for everybody.

    As you can see from my macros from May 20, I am not in Ketosis. And probably havne't been since mid-March. Oooh, does that take away my Keto Cred?

    I do have the attitude of being a citizen scientist. N=1 and I am the one. Trying to find out what works best for myself and my biology. It's called Bio-Hacking.

    You can't accept where you are. You have no idea where you can go when your brain, body, mind, health, mitochondria and soul are running at full steam. 

    Even though I officially retired as being known as a nutrition guru, I still have the attitude that it is a major part of the healing process.

    This may be for you, or may not be for you.

    Change is hard, but not moving forward and failing and succeeding is not acceptable.

    attitude and bellief for mindset improvement warrior fitness


    I am looking for men, women and children who are looking to make a lifestyle change to improve their health, waistline, future self and confidence.

    Here is just some of the criteria we are looking for in terms of our participants:

    • Age 8-99 (if you are under 8 or over 100 it doesn't disqualify you 🙂
    • Tired of not being able to fit clothes
    • Wants to lose 5 to 50+ pounds
    • Wants to tighten up midsection & get rid of belly fat
    • Wants to drop at least 1 – 2 dress/pants size
    • Wants to improve blood markers (fasting glucose/insulin, triglycerides, cholesterol, C-Reactive protein (CRP), etc…
    • Wants to eat bacon, eggs, butter, cheese, cream, fatter cuts of meats and all the stuff we've been told is bad for us.
    • Wants to get rid of sugar and carbohydrate cravings
    • Wants to control their blood sugar levels throughout the day and eliminate being CRUNGRY or HANGRY.
    • Wants to end dieting forever and find a lifestyle nutrition program
    • Wants to drop the brain fog and be able to think at work, school, home
    • Wants to end dieting forever and find a lifestyle nutrition program
    • Wants more energy
    • Is ready for something different
    • Wants total control over their hormones
    • Wants a Done-For-You Plan that is easy to follow and implement

    If you answered YES to just one of the above then you owe it to yourself to try it yourself and see why I am so passionate about this style of eating- LOW Carb HIGH Fat (LCHF)!

    Click here for more information and to register!

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