• Tim Noakes Win For The Low Carb Community

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    Who is Tim Noakes?

    A lot of people in the United States are not familiar with Professor Tim Noakes of South Africa. I hadn't heard of him before late 2014. I had started my ketogenic journey in July of 2014 and that is when all the big players in the low carb community had started popping up in my life.

    Guys like Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney, Jimmy Moore, and of course Professor Tim Noakes.

    What I like about Tim Noakes is that he has kind of gone on a journey like me. He published articles and wrote extensively on what we were all told was the ‘right way' to do things with high carbohydrates and low fat nutrition. The ‘right' way' was just the way that the government and big food corporations wanted us to believe. It truly was not based on any scientific evidence, only guesses and lies. He then started researching the truth and now is one of the biggest proponents of the low carb high fat (LCHF) or ketogenic style approach to nutrition. He was more into endurance training and made the switch and myself was more into bodybuilding and made the switch; both communities are still heavily entrenched into the world of high carb, low fat.

    The Tweet That Started It All

    The court case stemmed from a tweet that Prof. Tim Noakes made to someone asking him a question. He was charged with unprofessional conduct for unconventional advice giving to a breast-feeding mother.

    twitter tim noakes keto challenge court case

    However, even deeper then that the case represented Big Food Industry attempting to destroy anyone who questions their guidelines and recommendations. This case is landmark and will be used as future precedents in all other similar cases around the world. Professor Tim Noakes and myself just represent a small percentage of food and nutrition activists trying to help change the world with what is right— however we are growing in number every single day!

    There was several tweets going back and forth which you can see here, but the person who brought the case against him was Claire Julsing Strydom, then the president of South Africa’s dietetics association.

    Ketogenic Diet challenge Claire Julsing Strydom


    Who is Claire Julsing Stryd

    Dietician Claire Julsing Stryd has been tied to the many different Big Food Companies as a consultant and paid intervention specialist as indicated on earlier versions of her bio on her website. Since then she has taken the names of the actual companies she has worked for and replaced it with ‘she consults to the food and pharmaceutical industries.'

    47-Day Ketogenic Diet Challenge

    In an article published on kellog's website, seen here, you can see where Stryd's heart lies with her recommendations. Being paid from Kellog's and being a low carb component does not go hand in hand, obviously.

    Here are a couple of excerpts from the article: 

    What is the ideal macronutrient intake? The body requires a combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat daily to function optimally. To eliminate a macronutrient completely may be detrimental to overall health. Ideally, it is recommended to consume a typical daily intake based on the general food based dietary guidelines which includes 45-60% of total energy per day from carbohydrates; approximately 30% of total energy per day from fat depending on the person’s history and the remaining energy per day from protein………

    There truly is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. Your body can make glucose (which is what carbs turn into for digestion) from excess protein. Too much carbohydrates over a person's lifetime will lead to the chronic diseases we have all come known to experience: obesity, diabetes, Alzeimer's, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, etc…..  Is there truly a person out there who has not been affected by these?

    Tim Noakes father was affected by Diabetes and is one of the very reasons he is in this fight. The case cost him over $150,000 of his own money. Here is his disposition to the jury when the case started:

    What are the key concerns related to diets that eliminate carbohydrates? My greatest concern when eliminating carbohydrates would be the individual’s level of fibre intake. Constipation is common with a diet restricting whole grain or high fibre carbohydrates. Constipation over an extended period of time can result in complications such as diverticular disease and may increase the risk for developing colon cancer. In addition, high fibre whole grains are food sources of B vitamins and iron; therefore individuals may also become deficient in certain nutrients over time.

    Fiber can be found abundantly in vegetables and fruits like Avocado. As can B vitamins and iron.

    Constipation is a risk for all people, not just those switching to a low carb high fat nutrition plan. Switching from one plan to another will increase that risk however the key really is to chew your food completely (20-30 bites) especially your vegetables and meats, really the things that contain the most vitamins and minerals need to be chewed and chewed to insure we are absorbing and using those nutrients. Also plenty of water throughout the day, at least half your body weight in ounces. Supplements like magnesium can also ensure regularity. Basically if you are healthy and living a healthy life you will be regular 99% of the time.


    This case is landmark in our fight for getting the right information out there to people.

    That is what it is: INFORMATION.

    Take a look at this picture below:

    milk comparison 47 day keto challenge jason yun

    Most people will look at that and think that the 1% is better then 2% milk because of the less fat. Because we have been EDUCATED the WRONG INFORMATION! I used to drink 3 gallons of skim milk from my late teens all the way up to my early 30's. Why? Because I was EDUCATED on the dangers of fat. 

    The truth on the above picture: Don't drink milk at all if you have the option, unless it is raw. Pasteurization kills the good and bad bacteria and enzymes– stuff that your gut needs to be healthy– switch to almond or coconut milk. 

    We have to educate people on the right way of doing things. Because I know as I approach my 10th year later this year being in business that some people just will never change their nutrition habits even when death or chronic disease is threatened. Those are people, in my opinion, just waiting to die. They died when they were 20 or 25 or 30, and now they are products of the system.

    Yet there is some people who want more out of life. People that want to be an Improvement Warrior. That want to be the strongest version of themselves. Not the ones who are just asking for weight loss, but the ones who want health now and forever…..for both them self and their family and any future family members. Because remember this: KIDS LEARN BEST AND THE MOST THROUGH MODELING! Are you healthy? Is your nutrition? They are going to take your lessons with them into adulthood. An overweight child/teen doesn't just magically become an adult and become healthy. Learn, educate self and others, then REPEAT!

    I have lived two different lives in terms of nutrition and maybe even 4 or 5 🙂

    I did the high carb, low fat, low cholesterol thing. I am living the LCHF lifestyle. I play around with keto, cleansing, paleo, primal, LCHF to find the best way to live, perform, and learn.

    Tim noakes & Jason Yun LCHF Keto challenge

    Change can happen at anytime. What do you think about the case against Tim Noakes? I really think it was a big farce, but very well worth it for the LCHF community!

    If you need help starting your LCHF lifestyle my 47-Day Keto Challenge is always open with official challenges starting the Day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January) and Memorial Day (May)

    Claire Julsing Strydom ketogenic diet challenge

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