• Sunrise- The #1 Health Habit For All Humans

    Still and always will be the most important thing for health!

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    I posted this this morning right after my sunrise session with my dogs in the snow.

    Sunrise for your Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN).

    Naked eyes.

    I am also grounding, just wearing a kiniki and in the Malasana pose (squat hold).

    But one thing at a time.

    The eyes must see it everyday to set the circadian rhythm. It also sets off the correct hormone cascade. Without seeing it you will never be able to fully reverse disease.

    The cold is a bonus to increase your magnetism and burn extra fat—along with a host of other benefits. If you are always cold that is a sign of broken mitochondria and disease will either come or it is already here for you and will get progressively worse for you.

    The grounding helps you plug in and receive the electrons and energy from everybody's Mother. The sole of our foot is covered with 1300 nerve endings per square inch which is more than any other part of our body in comparable size….all to connect to earth's free electrons which our body uses as the energy and oxygenn currency in us. Currently reading the book: Earthing: The most important health discovery ever!

    Do not block the eyes when outside EVER with contacts, glasses or sunglasses.

    The eyes are the gateway to health or they can be to disease…..did you wake up today and see the sunrise or a man made blue alien sun.

    neuropsin in eye and skin for UV absorbtion

    I included some resources below:

    My Circadian Biology webinar part 1 from Improvement Warrior University

    My Sunglasses blog post

    My morning sun playlist on youtube

    34-Day Light Challenge. Your Light Environment Is More Important Than The Food You Eat or The Exercise You Do!

    34-day light challenge by jason yun mitochondriac

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