• NOW AVAILABLE! Sun Cosmetics: Circadian Biology Webinar Part 3

    The Circadian Biology Part 3 webinar, Sun Cosmetics, is now available in Improvement Warrior University.

    Circadian Biology Part 3: Sun Cosmetics

    sun block toxic ingredients

    In this IWU Webinar we discuss the Sun Cosmetics, things that alter the spectrum of the sun and the detrimental health affects that someone gains

    Be sure that you watch Circadian Biology 1 and 2  again before watching part 3.

    Topics covered in Circadian Biology Part 3: Sun Cosmetics:

    • Recap SCN
    • Dunning Krueger Effect
    • What exactly are the sun cosmetics
    • The 3 camps docs fall into with sun exposure
    • Why sunscreen sucks and the negative effects to Vitamin D
    • Why only getting certain frequencies of the sun can be more damaging than beneficial
    • UVA vs UVB Tanning
    • The skins importance and the role it plays with our health
    • Why melanin is so important and the difference between UVA and UVB melanin
    • Why sunglasses suck
    • Why your genetic inheritance for your skin/eyes and where you live can have detrimental affects on your health.
    • Why some can NEVER raise vitamin D levels 
    • Melasma
    • Photo Aging and Blue Light
    • Why sugar is not major cause of obesity and diabetes
    • Your mitochondria and epigenetics
    • Connection with sunscreen and Big Pharma
    • Why sun does not cause cancer
    • How and where to use natural sunscreens
    • Blue light from sun vs. man made light
    • Why supplemental Vitamin D may be a bad idea
    • Uveal Melanoma- Eye cancer skyrocketing because of these
    • Proof UV light from the sun is NOT harmful
    • Nitric Oxide
    • 2 most important aspects of Health
    • How and why to build a solar callus


    Sun Cosmetics Webinar is a paid Improvement Warrior University Webinar. You can purchase the webinar ala carte HERE or become a member of Improvement Warrior University HERE.

    Circadian Biology Part 1: Our Internal Clock That Runs With The Earth Is The Most Powerful Thing For Our Health is free part of Improvement Warrior Unviersity and you can watch it here.


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