• Cell Chaos: Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 2

    improvement warrior podcast with jason yun

    Cell Chaos- Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode 2

    Today in the Improvement Warrior podcast Episode 2 we will discuss:

    • Audio and video podcast down below
    • Blog Post Reading and Discussion of Cell Chaos which goes into just some of the benefits of Cold Thermogenesis and how CT can help reverse the aging process, cut down on inflammation which ultimately if not fixed/reverse will lead to disease or diseases.
    • Meme Review
    • Benefits of the sun and the main topic of episode #3 sunrise and why it is absolutely vital never to miss a sunrise again.
    • Also covered is my Birthday week treat days that I set new records for calories some updates on my backyard bushcraft shelter that I am making.


    Resources Mentioned In Improvement Warrior POdcast Episode #2

      1. Morning Sun Part 10 Video Clip

    1. Cell Chaos blog post
    2. Dr Jack Kruse Cold Thermogenesis Series– This is what got me getting in the Cold Tub almost daily since 2018.
    3. D minder App — Android | IPhone
    4. Iris blue blocking software
    5. Treat day birthday macros down below
    6. Bushcraft update of shelter
    7. Improvement Warrior University 
    8. Mindset Training- Mindtamer 
    9. Cold Thermogenesis youtube playlist
    10. Treat Days/MealsWhy treat not cheat?
    11. Treat day meal macros from Birthday March 2 and March 6, 2021
    12. treat day cheat day macros jason yun meal planning podcast improvement warrior jason yun
    13. Bushcraft shelter updates
    14. bushcraft podcast jason yun improvement warrior bushcraft columbus, ohio
    15. Memes from Episode 2
    16. Cold thermogenesis and fat loss electrons jason yun
    17. Dr. Jack Kruse and Jason Yun Mitochondriacs
    18. cold thermogenesis ice bath jason yun wim hof method
    19. sunlight jason yun Improvement warrior podcast
    20. LISTEN To Improvement Warrior Podcast Episode #2
    21. WATCH Podcast Episode #2

    22. Please review the podcast
    23. Clips from the Podcast
    24. Improvement Warrior Podcast Release Date 3/23/21. Length 26:52

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