• Is Healthier actually Healthy For You? (Hilliard Nutritionists)

    Is Healthier actually Healthy For You? (Hilliard Nutritionists)

    Diet plans for weight loss and fat

    None of the foods pictured are actually healthy for you. Even though someone thinks 2 of them are. Do you know why?

    Displaced from home for the morning. Breakfast and apparently they have a ‘HEALTHIER SIDE'

    egg white omelets are not healthy Hilliard Nutritionist Jason Yun

    Let's break it down.

    ?whole grain: there is no such thing as a healthy whole grain. Wheat and grains raise blood sugar and insulin (some types even faster then sugar). Plus you have anti-nutrients in all grains (lectins, phytic acid, etc…) kiss your gut health bye bye when you eat grains.

    ?non-fat or low fat: means a chemical ?sh*t?storm of ingredients is in it to replace the fat. More sugar or artificial sweeteners means more cravings for carbs and carbage. Maybe colors, thickened, stabilizers, etc……

    ?egg white- just calories and protein. All the nutrients and vitamins and minerals and choline and cholesterol (cholesterol is vital to life– the lower your overall cholesterol is the higher your chances of dying from everything?). Plus egg whites taste like crap. Plus all the fat is in the yoke- your brain needs fat to function properly especially with saturated fat.

    ?bananas – one of the worst fruits you can eat. People mentions fruits and vegetables in the same breath like they are the same thing. No they are not. Veggies are one of the top of the food chains. Fruit is nature's candy and should be treated as such especially if you are trying to lose body fat. Medium sized banana contains 7.5 teaspoons of sugar. People think it's high in potassium- it is but not as much as an avocado ?, spinach and salmon- plus no blood sugar spike.
    Do your research when it comes to what you should put in your body. Not everybody should eat the same things but there are certain things everyone should avoid. And I didn't even cover the oatmeal ??

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