• Halle Berry Does The Ketogenic Diet

    Halle Berry Does The Ketogenic Diet

    In the video below (right around 4:30)  on the show LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Halle Berry discusses her new movie Kidnapped, but also delves into her beauty secrets which ultimately revealed that she is doing the ketogenic diet. 

    That video was apparently taken down. Not even keto is safe from censorship these days.

    She actually does a pretty good job telling people what it is—switching from becoming a sugar burner to a fat burner and running off your own body fat.

    Plus her bathing suit pics did another great job!


    By the way- She is 50 years old!

    Halle Berry ketogenic nutrition 47-day challenge



    What does Halle Berry eat?

    Coconut oil, avocado, butter and more and more good healthy fats. Don't FEAR FAT!

    Jason Yun Keto Coach & Ketogenic nutrition hilliard

    Stay away from the carbs. She mentions sugar particularly, but what a lot of people do not know is that all carbs turn to sugar (or glucose) in the body for the easiest processing. Unless of course, it is fructose.

    Down below is a video of what I actually eat in the day in life with Keto. Check it out.


    This video with Halle Berry Keto makes me smile because I know that people love to know and follow what celebrities do. This is a huge win for the Keto world, along with the LCHF (low carb high fat) and paleo crowd.

    We still have a lot of pushing forward to do against the sugar industry and all the proponents of that.

    Halle Berry is a type 1 diabetic and you will not be hearing from the American Diabetes Association anytime soon to start recommended the keto diet. It's all about the money! These big organizations don't care about you and your health!

    Halle Berry ketogenic diet challenge

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