• Better Life

    better life

    Lose weight and feel great hilliard strength training
    What is stopping you from living a better life?
    When you are born you are born with 2 fears- falling and loud noises. All others are learned or taught.
    Falling is a perfectly legitimate fear because if we fall off a building we could die. Or if we are old enough just falling over we could die. Falls over the age of 65 are the #1 cause of death and entry into a retirement home (because most don't kill you instantly).
    So you need to stand up to what's holding you back- your fears, your self doubt, your lack of confidence………. You put it there, or some jabroni put it there. Time to take back the life that is yours!

    better life

    It's 10.23.18, it's the only one you will ever get. There are 2 doors in front of you today— the door you always take or the door of OPPORTUNITY and CHANGE.
    The latter door is stuck- it's going to take some force to open. the other door is cracked and just takes a little push to open. It will keep you the same if you go through that. And I don't care how f*&king awesome you think you are, or how afraid you are–you will not go through that door. .

    better life

    Stand in front of the door that is going to change you and kick that motherf*&ker in and announce to the world- I AM HERE AND NOW IS MY TIME!
    Because it is!
    The world needs the best and strongest version of You! Shine today!

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