• You’re A Disease and I’m The Cure | Injection of Inspiration #35

    You're A Disease and I'm The Cure | Injection of Inspiration #35

    Mindset matters most, especially when you are diseased. One of my favorite movies growing up was Cobra with Sylvester Stallone.

    Crime was the disease and he was the cure.

    Diseased mindsets are a disease that keep people sick.

    Diseased parents usually will have habits of disease that will be inherited by their kids.

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    Diseases are not passed down generation to generation, but lifestyle & environment are.

    Once we fix our mindset we can then go to work on fixing whatever it is you want to fix.

    Do not become your disease. This is the slowest form of suicide out there. It is a virtual prison cell with no bars, but every where you go is pain and drudgery and to pass the time you turn to stupid stuff that kills you even faster, sucks your energy. Bread and circus BS has been around since the Roman Empire. Become a self-suffiecient MFer. Mindset Matters!


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