• Phase 3 Online- Workout Muse Music App- Internship & Coaches


    This is Phase 3 of the Online training for the IWF Internship

    This phase covers the Workout Muse App.

    The app is called Workout Muse Pro and can be purchased in the app store for Iphone, Ipod, Ipad. Unsure if it is on other devices. And pretty sure it is not for sale anymore.

    This app is basically our extra stopwatch. So we as coaches, can actually coach when we need to, and not be a slave to our stop watch.

    It tells the clients, when to go, 1/2 way point of a round, when to stop and rest, and repeat.


    You will be required to set up several different FLOs and time sequences in the app when you meet with Jason Yun for the Coach's Workshop which is the 3rd phase of the physical training.

    We have switched our primary training as of 9/2015 to a strength circuit followed by a metcon (metabolic conditioning). For the metcon it is continuous time and for one of the time sequences for the Strength circuits is continuous time as well. For continuous time I usually just play the Ipod music section on shuffle rather then deal with resetting the workout muse app. But it is up to you how you want to play that.

    Video Overview

    First ‘workout' set up in video

    2013-07-10 13.37.11

    ¬†Second ‘Workout' set up in video

    2013-07-10 13.37.17

    3rd Workout set up in video

    2013-07-10 13.37.22

    The following demo is how you set up a tri-set. 3 exercises back to back to back with no rest. There are 5 total tri-sets indicated by the ‘5' total cycles. Between each tri-set their is :40 seconds of rest between each via the transition period.

    2013-07-10 13.37.59

    The following demo is for a continuous circuit. Usually this is when we are doing AMRAP- As Many Rounds As Possible.

    2013-07-10 13.38.32

    The following circuit can be used for many different things. But usually it is for a sequence set.

    It also can be used for a tri-set or a superset, or a quad set. For instance if it was a quad set, they would perform 4 rounds back to back to back to back at :20 each. Then they would rest. If the rest was :20 they would rest 1 round, :40 then rest 2 rounds, :60 then rest 3 rounds, and then start again.

    Back to sequence. Sequence set:

    1. Squat
    2. pushup
    3. swing
    4. row
    5. press
    6. Jump

    Round 1- squat :20, rest :20

    Round 2- Squat :20, pushup:20, rest :20

    Round 3- Squat :20, pushup :20, swing:20, rest :20

    Round 4- and on and on adding exercises until all 6 are done.

    2013-07-10 13.39.04

     You can either set up the whole workout before hand, or adjust the times before each circuit.


    Test questions

    Please leave a comment below in the format of

    1. Work period, Rest period, Total rounds, Transition period, total cycles
    2. Repeat for question #2
    3. Repeat for question #3


    Question one:

    Please set up a

    7 exercise circuit

    first time through 50/10 rest before next circuit is :90


    Question 2:

    How many ‘workouts' do you need to set up for the following

    30/30, 30/20, 30/15, 30/10, 30/15
    5 exercise circuit
    :50 rest between each
    1 cycle for each


    Question 3:

    Please set up- Continuous 30 circuit: 4 exercises back to back to back to back, going through it 4 times with :30 rest in between each cycle.