• Workout Throughout The Day

    Workout Throughout The Day

    All at once- Not Needed! My Workout this morning

    This morning had some special circumstances. Had to take my 10 month old son in to the doctor for an ear infection, so I had to take him with me to my early morning 515 am and 600 am class.

    Got my workout in starting at about 705.

    What I did today was:


    1a. Barbell row 10 x 115, 8 x 165 x 2, 6 x 185 x 2
    1b. Kettlebell Windmills 5 x 20, 24, 28, 32 kg

    2a. Dumbbell Pullover 8, 7, 5 x 80 lb
    2b. Weighted russian twists 3 x 9/9 x 16 kg

    3a. Pullups 2 sets of max reps. I believe 12 and 7 or 8.
    3b. More Russian Twists 2 x 9/9

    It wasn't at all once 🙂

    Workout was broken up into about 3 sections.

    I got the first 2 supersets in, then it was sunrise time.

    Went outside for 5:00 until the sun went behind building.

    never miss a sunrise jason yun fitness new albany
    Then back inside and changed son and fed him.

    Then did one set of my pullups and russian twists.

    Then back outside for another 7:30 minutes of sunrise now that it wasn't hiding behind the building.

    light water magnetism with jason yun jack kruse follower

    Then back inside to finish off my #2 set of pullups and russian twists

    And then off to the doctor.

    Even though everything was about 70 minutes there was quite a few breaks. The big one was about 20 minutes feeding him.

    Just goes to show you don't need to have a solid 30-60 minutes.

    You can break it up however your day dictates to you. Workout Throughout The Day !

    You can do a set or two or three in the morning. Another 10-15:00 at lunch. Another 20:00 at dinner.

    There is no set rules. Workout Throughout The Day

    And even though there appear to be you must break them, especially when it comes to your health.

    Many people think fitness and weight training and exercise's most important benefit is weight loss and body composition.

    I say no.

    The most important benefits are brain health and bone health (the latter you need to pay close attention to if all you do is cardio). It's been brought to my attention if you are over 30- YES 30 and sometimes in your 20's– and don't workout (weight train, intervals, HIIT–cardio doesn't count here) then you have either osteoporosis, osteopenia, or the beginning/middle/late stages of it.

    Big statement, but so true.

    I'll probably be getting in another 5-10 minutes of either heavy bag work or trampoline later today. That's how I usually warm-up after my cold tub (search #CTWithYun on FB or IG)

    Get it in, be consistent, don't let excuses take you out!


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