• WODIFY PR’S Weeks of March 18th- March 23rd, 2019- Weight Training Classes Hilliard, Ohio

    WODIFY PR’S Weeks of March 18th- March 23rd, 2019- Weight Training Classes Hilliard, Ohio

    Below are the Personal Records (PR’s) for this past week in class.

    We track our strength exercises, weight, time, and metcons (metabolic Conditioning) through Wodify. 

    The workouts we do at Improvement Warrior Fitness and also our Youth classes in Hilliard, are not simply workouts. You are always training for something. Whether it is the FitRanX assessments that we do every phase, or hitting a new PR, or reaching a new low in body fat, or dropping the inches or clothes sizes– there is always a purpose, always a goal for training.

    This week We had 35 new PR’s this week!  Nice job, Will x 4, Me X 4, Jon x 3, Corey x 2, Cohen x 2, Cedric x 2, Mike Mc x 2, Mike Mag x 2, Mason x 2, , Tanya, x 2, Swathi x 2, Vince, Trace, Brandy, Drake, Jackie, Karen and Penny. WHoooo! Congrats to all the new PR’s this week! 

    Improvement warrior fitness is strength and conditioning.

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    Dublin Ohio and hilliard jason yun nutrition and fitness

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    Jason Yun mindset and fitness in columbus

    Mount Everest- Your Personal Mountain

    To climb Mount Everest and survive it!

    Apparently if you were able to just magically be dropped off at the top of it's summit, you would die in a matter of minutes, because the altitude is simply to high.

    Basically have to climb to the base camp…….stay there and camp out for about 10 days……then climb to summit camp 1….stay there a couple days…..climb back down to base camp…..stay there a couple more days……climb back to Summit camp 1……..stay there some more…….climb to Summit camp 2……back to Base camp……… climb to Summit camp 1……… stay…….. climb to Summit camp 2…… stay…….. climb to Summit camp 3……… THEN BACK TO BASE CAMP….. then you repeat up to summit camp 4, back down, and the back up until you reach the summit.

    I don't know if it's the exact process, but an Everest expedition takes 2 months to reach the summit. And you have to do it in order to live through and acclimate your body to everything.

    Otherwise you will die on that mountain.

    You have to be persistent.

    Just like with achieving your dream body. Or health.

    It's not about quick.

    Quick is something for instant oatmeal (which you shouldn't be eating) or car washes.

    You are living your life—- right NOW

    It's the only one you will get.

    Average life span is about 79 years old. The decisions you make now are going to affect you.

    So don't you think it's prudent to find a workout program and nutrition program that works for life?

    Instead of starting, quick results, results stop, you stop. Start again. Repeat.
    That destroys your body in the process.

    But nutrition is usually very confusing, because we have all of these conflicting things…….

    You have to be patient and persistent. Even if it takes you one step forward and 3 back like the Everest expedition climbers. If you have questions you have to ask.
    I do my best to inform you of the things that work the best for the majority of people. But in the end it relies on you taken action


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