• Wodify PR’s week of 5.28.18

    Below are the Personal Records (PR’s) for this past week in class.

    We track our strength exercises, weight, time, and metcons (metabolic Conditioning) through Wodify. 

    The workouts we do at Improvement Warrior Fitness and also our Youth classes in Hilliard, are not simply workouts. You are always training for something. Whether it is the FitRanX assessments that we do every phase, or hitting a new PR, or reaching a new low in body fat, or dropping the inches or clothes sizes– there is always a purpose, always a goal for training.

    You can see previous PR’s here. 

    This week we had 13 new PR’s. Nice work!

    Easy or Hard?! There are no shortcuts

    ‘if you want your life to be hard then do what is easy, if you want your life to be easy then do what is hard,' ~Les Brown.

    In life there is no Shortcuts To The ?. There's also no shortcuts to the middle. When you're starting something you are always starting at the bottom?. And you must continuously work, and work hard , and work with a positive attitude towards your goal. Because if we do take the shortcuts then things are going to be thrown at us that are going to make us want to quit.

    And it is Because most people have a shortcut type of mindset then quitting becomes that much easier. The successful person stays consistent, stays persistent oh, and gets it done. Eventually! Because nothing easy is worthwhile and it will not last. Focus on the long-term?, not the short-term!

    You got this! The ? needs you to shine??????? today

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