• WODIFY PR’S Week of October 22nd-October 27th, 2018- Group Fitness Workout-Hilliard, OH

    WODIFY PR’S Week of October 22nd-October 27th, 2018- Group Fitness Workout-Hilliard, OH

    Below are the Personal Records (PR’s) for this past week in class.

    We track our strength exercises, weight, time, and metcons (metabolic Conditioning) through Wodify. 

    The workouts we do at Improvement Warrior Fitness and also our Youth classes in Hilliard, are not simply workouts. You are always training for something. Whether it is the FitRanX assessments that we do every phase, or hitting a new PR, or reaching a new low in body fat, or dropping the inches or clothes sizes– there is always a purpose, always a goal for training.

    We had 16 new PR’s this week. Nice job Mason x 3,  Paula x 2, Tristan x 2, Swathi x 2, Aiden, Jackson, Cedric, Mike Mag., Trace, and Vince.  WHoooo! Congrats to all the new PR’s this week! 
    Hilliard weight loss and nutrition consulting

    Click image for clearer view.

    Sleep for health!

    Sleeping for weight loss, jason yun

    Sleep! Lots of different things can affect it in a negative way.
    Too much blue light???, eating too many carbohydrates?? before bed or two to three hours before bed. Not sleeping in a cool enough environment☃️, too much stress, working out ??too close to bedtime, and the list can go on and on.

    Blue light is a big concern for our health. Many of us are staring at a blue light computer screen all day at work and then our phone and tablets too. That's why I switched to wearing blue blockers all day long when I'm working.

    Other than reducing the amount of time we spend looking at the screen, we can also wear Amber, copper, yellow or brown colored glasses with UV/UB protection or buy a screen cover with the same protection that blocks out the blue light. There are Apps now with screen filters… I use the Twilight app for Android. Both Android and iPhone have a blue light filter option in the main settings. But I go the extra mile and set Twilight 2 the lowest setting of 1,000 Kelvin at night.
    We can increase our intake of whole organic foods that are high in eyesight protective Beta-carotene, lutein and Zeaxanthin such as orange and yellow carrots, pumpkin, squash, blueberries, bilberries, beet greens, kale, spinach, and other yellow, orange and dark green fruits and veggies.
    When we sleep ?that is our opportunity for recovery. Rest and Recovery is one of my top six pillars of Health. All of them relate to each other and all of them are extremely important. So if you are missing any one of them then it's like driving a car missing a wheel. You are not going to get very far and eventually other things are going to start breaking☠☠ down.
    So if you are sleep is off then your health is off. You better fix it ASAP. The longer you go the worse and worse the inflammation will occur in your body and the worst of the big diseases will hit you.
    The worst of the worst diseases of course are heart? disease, Alzheimer's, cancer, stroke, diabetes. Nobody wants that!
    Being sleep deprived is not a badge of honor oh, it's a badge of stupidness!
    Get your sleep! Because the world ?needs you to shine today???

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