• WODIFY PR’S Week of JULY 30th & August 6th, 2018- Hilliard Fitness

    WODIFY PR’S Week of JULY 30th & August 6th, 2018- Hilliard Fitness

    Below are the Personal Records (PR’s) for this past week in class.

    We track our strength exercises, weight, time, and metcons (metabolic Conditioning) through Wodify. 

    The workouts we do at Improvement Warrior Fitness and also our Youth classes in Hilliard, are not simply workouts. You are always training for something. Whether it is the FitRanX assessments that we do every phase, or hitting a new PR, or reaching a new low in body fat, or dropping the inches or clothes sizes– there is always a purpose, always a goal for training.

    You can see previous PR’s here. 

    This week we had 9 new PR’s. Next week time to crush it! Nice job, Brandy, Mason, Rae, Natti, Steve, Theresa, and Mike!   Congrats to all the new PR’s this week!

    Strength and fitness group personal trainers Improvement Warrior fitness

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    Sly stallone rambo Hilliard, OH Workout

    I accomplished a feat yesterday I previously was not able to do??.

    When that feat is something that we need to be doing then we need to keep pushing until we are able to implement it into our life.

    Examples can be working out, especially strength training. It's my opinion and belief everybody should be strength training , because it affects every area of your life. You become more insulin sensitive, and balance goes up, your confidence goes up, many many things change. Nutrition, getting your sun??, not putting toxic chemicals on our body, getting plenty of stress relief whatever that entails for you.

    If you are not able to do something now then that is you NOW!

    It is not the future you?.

    You have to remember you are on a journey to become the strongest?? version of you.!

    Don't let the person you are now stop you from becoming a better you!

    You only have this one life and time is going to pass so you might as well spend it becoming the better you! The world? needs you to shine today!???

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