• What is truly insane? Health matters!

    What is truly insane? Health matters!

    What is normal?

    What is sane?

    A lot of people look at the way I lead my life and say that's insane. Nobody can do that long-term.

    I am a biohacker. I hack my biology and environment to be the healthiest I can be.

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    What truly is insane is leading a life of junk food, junk light, junk people, junk habits, not working out, not connecting with sun and earth for the first 3-5 decades of life and then in the last decades of life having something cut off, or cut out of us in order to keep on going on living our mismatched life.

    Or worse, not even being able to remember the life, moments and people you loved. Or worse then that not even making it to our 3rd-5th decade of life.

    Health is a choice.

    Just like disease is a choice.

    It is like a choose your own adventure book I loved those as a kid, however I would always cheat and peak ahead to see if I died 

    Unfortunately with life we can't see into our future. However, we can predict it based on others fates.

    All the diseases we are seeing today are Modern man diseases. A lot of them were non-excistent 120 years ago or they were not epidemics like we face now.

    These diseases are Epi-genetic diseases. They are a product of your environment and your choices. They are a product of you destroying your mitochondria.

    Become a mitochondriac. Become a bio-hacker. Everybody's environment is different. So things that work for you may not work for me, and vice versa.

    Use other people's health failures as a cue.

    Don't wait until your health fails as a cue to start making a change.

    A lot of times that is too late.


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