• Training To Be Useful- New Albany, Ohio Strength

    Training To Be Useful- New Albany, Ohio Strength


    Are you training to be useful? 

    It is an interesting ooncept, for sure.

    Well, are you even training? That is the better question. Just 25% of the US workout 3x or more a week.

    However, training to be useful has gotten my attention.

    I always say I'm training for life. Life is my sport and I want to be the MVP.

    Does the MVP have bad days/games? Yes. Bad years? Yes. 

    Wade Boggs Boston Years Jason Yun New Albany, OH

    Above is Hall of Famer and Mr Consistency Wade Boggs first 11 years in Major Leauge Baseball. Major dropoff with his last year with the Red Sox.

    Major comebacks? YES!

    Training for life or to be useful means you are ready for anything.

    With the quarantine I don't think anybody saw this coming (except for a few, like that former CEO of that horrible operating system 😉 So what if somebody laucnhes a giant nuke at us and you have to hike 50-100 miles with 40-80 pounds on your back?

    rucking are you training for life

    Could you do it?

    I've been posting a lot on social media about the #SaveTheChildren and child trafficking. What if someone in a van pulls up in front of your kid and your 20 yards away and you have less than 4 seconds to get there and put an fist, elbow or forearm in sombody's face or face the consequence of losing your child forever?

    child abduction save the children jason yun

    Could you do it?

    I remember days when I wasn't useful. Back in my bodybuilding days and I was applying for a bootcamp instructor position when I lived in Chicago. To get the job you had to go through a class. I crushed the strength stuff, but got crushed by the cardio. I was holding back a little because the next day was leg day and I was 222 pounds and my cardio really did suck.

    columbus nutritionist carbs to fat- keto diet

    I was gym ready. But that isn't useful. 

    Are you the type of parent who sacrifices their health to take your kid here and there to sports, extra curricular activites everyday while stuffing your face with fast food garbage? 

    What does your kid see? Sacrificeing your health for them. Children learn by modeling the best. Oh, I must have to do that for my kids, your grandkids………

    raise your kids with strength training new albany, ohio

    Then you die, or contract a disease that takes you out from being able to do. Or you just slowly and slowly lose energy.

    Energy is life. Life is energy. As Einstein says.

    Like i said MVPs have off days. But they are always in the game, raising others up.so that the entire team can WIN.

    Is your TEAM WINNING?

    In order to do that you have to start winning. Get off the bench, or off from injured reserve.

    satchel paige quote show up baseball

    AS you know I talk a lot about light and nnEMF and mindset. But it is vital that one starts and stays with their strength and conditioning program.


    Stronger body = Stronger mind | Stronger posture | Stronger brain | Stronger Bones | Stronger insulin sensitivty | Better sleep | More Beta Endorphins | Better confidence |Better parenting. 

    This morning I was up at 6:07 and ready ts start my workout at 6:20. Literally about to go down in basement to my training lair when I heard my son crying. Had to go up and get him, calm him down, change him, and bring him down to workout with me. Five minutes later my daughter came down. My son woke her up. So now they were both working out with me. It was 6:44 after my warm up. So had to cut my workout up into 2-strength and conditioning because sunrise was at 7:23 am—and NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF ME SEEING THE SUNRISE-NOTHING!

    jason yun mitochondria and light guru

    It was a great workout. Like I said MVPs have off-days. I was working up to a 6 rep max on deadlift. Last week I got 315 x 6, moved to 335 and only got 1– and it was barely one. This week I got the 335 x 6. Many factors play into missing that big of a difference.

    Are you tracking your workouts? Sign up for wodify here.

    But that's life. Adjust, adopt, move forward. Always move forward. And you can't do that without being consistent with your workouts. Your workouts need to have a strength training component where you're getting stronger for all the reasons I listed above. If you want to add cardio that is fine, but don't expect to lose weight or body fat from it (Cardio Makes you fat blog)

    So are you useful?

    Are you heading towards UN-usefulness for YOU and for YOUR TEAM by the actions or non-actions that you continue to make?

    Be useful.

    Be a superhero. Be the MVP!

    Written by Jason Yun, September 26, 2020

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