• Turkish Get-Up Correctives for black bands

    Down below is a breakdown of the Turkish get-up.

    If you have a black band or determined by one of the IMPROVEMENT WARRIOR FITNESS coaches that you can move up to the TGU, you will be performing this super functional movement during your correctives portion of your warm-up.

    If you are at home give it a try:

    So for your correctives you will start with 2 rounds of your #1 correctives that you have been doing. Then for 2 rounds you will perform this exercise. For the shorter class it will be just one round of your #1 correctives and 2 rounds of this.

    Start without any weight and progress from there. The progression that is recommended in between body weight and kettlebell is your shoe. Yes your shoe! You would balance your shoe on your fist, once you get sufficient with your shoe (i.e. not dropping it on the floor), next would be a dixie cups filled with water 🙂 But you are welcome to move to a kettlebell after the shoe.

    The coaches at IWF will let you know when you are ready to progress.

    For a more detailed Turkish get-up demonstration please watch the video below: