• Transformation Friday – Molly and Me :)

    It is Transformation Friday!!

    I love sharing success stories because it makes other people have hope & belief that anything is possible. It even inspires me to ask ‘am I doing all that I can with my health and body?'

    Remember though- the most important transformation must always take place in your mind. That is where it starts…….. TFAR- Thoughts…….Feelings…….Actions……..Results.

    Without a mindset change, it is not possible to succeed at transforming whatever you want to transform. Luckily, I can help you with both the mental & physical transformation!

    Let's take a look at this week's transformation…

    Molly Brady

    Today's transformation goes to Molly Brady! Good golly, Miss Molly!!

    “I post my numbers not because of the negative difference. I could care less about number in between 378 and 208 (170). What I really want to stress is the fact that some of you are going to question my weight. That is ME, rocking a small size top from gap & a pair of straight leg Ralph Lauren jeans size 12. 

    Why am I spouting off brands?

    Anyone who's struggled w/ weight knows that certain brands run small, certain brands you can wear bigger sizes or smaller sizes. Never consistent. Today I am half the size I was on the left but still considered “overweight”. 

    I'm so public about this because I want those struggling w/ numbers to see that they don't matter. I GAINED weight this week! I fall off the bandwagon constantly. The #'s I see on the scale don't get me back on track. It's HOW I FEEL when I'm on my program. I don't look like I weigh 208lbs. 

    Last week I was SO close to getting to my major milestone goal at 202lbs. Life happens. The old me would see the numbers and get discouraged. The new me sees the #'s and thinks “ok, what did we do this week that caused this?” Did we get enough water? Did we not hit the gym? What kinds of treats did I have that I can avoid? What better choices can I make to continue towards my goal? 

    No negative self-talk. 

    Before I would say I couldn't do it, I wasn't good enough, I'm just big boned or didn't have the strength. I have a daily check in, a weekly check in, and a monthly check in with myself. The more self aware you Are the more you can check in, acknowledge mistakes then adjust accordingly.

    What keeps me going isn't the numbers on the scale. It's the fact I have a program that allows me to cleanse toxins weekly, have 1-2 meals a day completely taken care of and healthy snacks I don't have to worry about that don't break my pocket book. I feel GREAT about that! It works! Because I MAKE IT WORK.” 

    fitness expert and nutritionist jason yun Hilliard

    Jason Yun

    And here's another transformation coming from me 🙂

    Completing my 4th transformation challenge. 

    This challenge I had more emotional eating combined then all 3 of the previous. But I was able to overcome thanks to doing more back-to-back cleanse days and intermittent fasting. Didn't reach my goal, but I'm a lot closer to it than before. Our 4th Annual Official Cleanse Challenge will be kicking off June 6th. 


    fitness expert and strength coach Hilliard OH Jason Yun

    Another set of amazing transformations this week.

    All starting points will incorporate the vital mindset shift training as well.

    No matter which option you decide to start with I will follow up with you with the other because it is all inclusive. Can't be your best with just one and not the other.

    I realize some people are at a point where they cannot physically workout, if that is your situation, that is ok, we will use nutrition until you are able to.

    Choose Your Nutritional Transformation Starting Point

    Just Cleanse- Nutritional Cleansing System link                                 Ketogenic/Low Card High Fat Nutritional System url box

    Choose Your Physical Transformation Starting Point

       Adult Fitness- Hilliard (Improvement Warrior Fitness) url box                                Youth Sports & Fitness (Athletic Revolution- Hilliard) url box

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