• Transformation Friday – Katya & Pohai

    It is Transformation Friday!!

    I love sharing success stories because it makes other people have hope & belief that anything is possible. It even inspires me to ask ‘am I doing all that I can with my health and body?'

    Remember though- the most important transformation must always take place in your mind. That is where it starts…….. TFAR- Thoughts…….Feelings…….Actions……..Results.

    Without a mindset change, it is not possible to succeed at transforming whatever you want to transform. Luckily, I can help you with both the mental & physical transformation!

    Let's take a look at this week's transformation…

    Katya Sczepanik

    Today's Transformation Friday comes from Katya Sczepanik‎ all because she said Yes to our Nutritional Cleanse and superfoods program.

    Her story says it all:

    For years, I was a yo-yo dieter with only temporary results. I’d end up giving up, causing me to gain the weight back plus more. I’d go through periods where I’d exercise excessively, but I wouldn’t lose any weight. Sometimes, I’d actually just gain more weight. 


    The reality of this cycle all tied back to my poor nutrition. During periods of stress, I’d overeat or binge on snacks. I honestly did not know how to eat. Before I knew it, I was 220 lb and 38% body fat.


    It was not until I discovered these superfoods that I learned how to change my LIFESTYLE with NO MORE dieting. No pills. Just balanced nutrition!


    This system fit into my work schedule so perfectly. No counting calories!! It also cut my meal planning in half and helped save me lots of money and time.

    I got my energy back and actually feel YOUNGER.

    I still enjoy my favorite foods in moderation.

    I was able to lose weight without starving myself or cutting out carbs or my favorite foods.


    What I accomplished is not a miracle by any means. Results did not happen overnight, but you’d be amazed how your body can transform with the right nutrition/fuel and tools for success.


    Never before did I imagine myself wearing a size 2 pants or a S/XS shirt. I started at a size 14/16 and my original goal was just to get to 199 lb because I didn’t want to be in the 200s.


    Prior to making a change, I was just coasting through every day and going through the motions.


    Nowadays, I’m LIVING every day and fulfilling dreams I never thought imaginable.


    It’s never too late to start your health journey. You’ll be amazed what you can do with the right tools! The beauty of it, is that you’re not in this journey alone.

    fitness expert and strength coach Hilliard OH Jason Yun



    Pohai Kyota

    Another Transformation Friday coming from Pohai Kyota all because she said Yes to our nutritional cleanse and superfoods program. Inspiring her son- BOOM!

    Her story:

    The other day, after I changed to go workout my son said “Mom you want me to take your picture?” I was a little confused at first, but he has been my documenting photographer so I was like “sure!”


    Then he reminded me that this outfit was one I did a side-by-side with in the past and that I should do another one. After searching through my photos, I found the pictures. It still shocks me when I look back and see how far I’ve come.


    For my son to feel proud of how far I’ve come is the most SOUL SATISFYING compliment ever!! His pride in me is priceless and makes me strive even harder to stick to it and never give up!

    fitness expert and strength coach Hilliard OH Jason Yun



    Another set of amazing transformations this week.

    All starting points will incorporate the vital mindset shift training as well.

    No matter which option you decide to start with I will follow up with you with the other because it is all inclusive. Can't be your best with just one and not the other.

    I realize some people are at a point where they cannot physically workout, if that is your situation, that is ok, we will use nutrition until you are able to.

    Choose Your Nutritional Transformation Starting Point

    Just Cleanse- Nutritional Cleansing System link                                 Ketogenic/Low Card High Fat Nutritional System url box

    Choose Your Physical Transformation Starting Point

       Adult Fitness- Hilliard (Improvement Warrior Fitness) url box                                Youth Sports & Fitness (Athletic Revolution- Hilliard) url box

    Online Workouts (LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts) url box

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