• Transformation Friday – Holli and Kelsey

    It is Transformation Friday!!

    I love sharing success stories because it makes other people have hope & belief that anything is possible. It even inspires me to ask ‘am I doing all that I can with my health and body?'

    Remember though- the most important transformation must always take place in your mind. That is where it starts…….. TFAR- Thoughts…….Feelings…….Actions……..Results.I 

    Without a mindset change, it is not possible to succeed at transforming whatever you want to transform. Luckily, I can help you with both the mental & physical transformation!

    Let's take a look at this week's transformation…

    Holly Franz

    Today's Transformation Friday comes from Holli al because she said Yes to our Nutritional Cleanse and Superfoods story. What's your excuse? Amazing job!


    fitness expert and strength coach Hilliard OH Jason Yun


    Kelsey Kieffer Caauwe

    Today's Transformation Friday comes from Kelsey Kieffer Caauwe all because she said Yes to our cleanse and superfoods. She is proof that sometimes you fall back off the wagon after achieving a goal but the key is to fix it and keep riding. Life is a journey.

    She says:

    “REAL LIFE POST !!! So here goes …first picture is 2 years ago when I hit goal weight and felt amazing!! Telling myself I was never going back … well … I went back !! Middle picture me 8 weeks ago !!! Feeling overwhelmed (again) finding every excuse for getting out of shape again !! GUESS WHAT??? THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!

    I was too tired because I was out of shape !!

    I was overwhelmed .. because I was out of shape!! I was feeling sh*tty because I was out of shape!!

    So 8 weeks ago with the help of these superfoods as my go to nutrition and workout products and my gym, I am on my way back to feeling my best .. and yes that means most mornings I have to get up at 4:30am and drive 30min get my workout done and home before my kids wake up !!! .. being a single mom and full time job and crazy sports schedule is NOT an excuse!! I have no doubt my results after just 8 weeks are not only hard work but these superfoods helping make my nutrition something I don’t always have to be thinking about!”

    fitness expert and strength coach Hilliard OH Jason Yun


    Another set of amazing transformations this week.

    All starting points will incorporate the vital mindset shift training as well.

    No matter which option you decide to start with I will follow up with you with the other because it is all inclusive. Can't be your best with just one and not the other.

    I realize some people are at a point where they cannot physically workout, if that is your situation, that is ok, we will use nutrition until you are able to.

    Choose Your Nutritional Transformation Starting Point

    Just Cleanse- Nutritional Cleansing System link                                 Ketogenic/Low Card High Fat Nutritional System url box

    Choose Your Physical Transformation Starting Point

       Adult Fitness- Hilliard (Improvement Warrior Fitness) url box                                Youth Sports & Fitness (Athletic Revolution- Hilliard) url box

    Online Workouts (LBN Online Strength & Fitness Workouts) url box

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